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Fall 2011 Hopefuls


Hello everybody I am done with all prerequisites and I have an Associates degree in science. I took the hesi last month and I got math 84, reading comprehension 86, grammar 74 and anatomy 88. I was devastated because i couldn't get in the spring semester by 1 point :mad:...I plan to take vocabulary part any hints on that section? and How can I improve my grammar score? I''l be applying for the fall semester:).. I will retake hesi next month and I open this thread for us fall 2011 hopefuls.. :yeah:

good luck :D

I don't have any advice for you for the hesi exam (it's not required of any schools here in VT). I am, however, a fall 2011 hopeful :D. I have applied to a private college here in VT for my BSN. I applied Oct. 1st and they said I should have an answer in about 2 weeks so any day this week I should be receiving my letter (hopefully of acceptance!). Are you going the ADN or BSN route?


Lucky you!! Yay wohoo for all fall 2011 hopefuls! Hopefully you'll get in:yelclap:

I'm going for a BSN program too!! where is Vt at?

Hehe, VT is right next to New York :). Do you know what area of nursing you want to get into?

Ohhh wow that's nice!! I'm planning to apply to UT-Arlington, UT-Houston and Prairie View A&M University.. maybe NICU not sure yet. I would love to work in that area.. what abt you?

I'm also a 2011 hopefull! I attend a private college, so as long as I maintain a certain GPA in all my pre-reqs I will get accepted. We also don't need to take any entrance exams, thankfully! I hope the wait isn't too awful for all of you guys! I apply this spring and will find out sometime in the summer.

Welcome!! Well aren't you guys lucky? lol

Good luck.. are you applying for BSN or ADN?

I'm applying for a BSN, I just figured its better to get the 4 years out of the way. Plus the CC around here is lottery based and takes forever to get into. So the time it would take me to get a ADN equals that of a BSN, so why not!

Yes way to go girl!!! I just want to get this freaking test out of the way and keep going!! I'm basically in a red stop light just waiting for it to turn green!! How long is your NS program? how many semester?


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Fall 2011 hopeful!!!!

I have to take the HESI in a couple months(crossing fingers). I need to at least make average on the hesi to avoid points being taken away. The University I'm applying for is on the point system - right now I'm doing very good 4.00 GPA for pre-reqs but afraid that I will bomb the hesi. I'm applying for a 16 month RN/ADN program with the option of finishing my BSN online. Good Luck to us all!

Hello:yeah:what is your average for the Hesi that your school requires?? Good luck to us all!!! congrats 4.0 gpa


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The average for my school is an 84. I also heard that almost everyone does much better the second time taking the test.. Good Luck to you and Thanks!


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I can't give any advice on the HESI because we don't have to take it until we one semester into the program. But I'm a Fall 2011 hopeful! I'm doing the BSN program, and in the Spring I will finish the last 4 of my pre-reqs. My GPA isn't the highest, but its high enough to get into the nursing program at my school and I have all As at mid-term which should bring it up even higher :D:yeah:My advisor keeps telling me I have nothing to worry about that I will be able to get in without a problem but until I get that letter telling me I'm accepted at the beginning of March I will be waiting on the edge of my seat!

To: Lovesunshine

I'm thinking that I would like to get into ob/perinatal...I love pregnancy and babies:heartbeat. I don't (think) I want to be a delivery nurse, I'm thinking more along the lines of postpartum care for the mother and nursery care for the infants. But who knows, I could get into clinical and completely change my mind:confused:, lol.

Prinscheather: Good to know.. what school are you applying to?

Eharper: That sounds awesome. I want to work with babies too, I think that's why I want NICU. My boyfriend thinks that I should choose something else because most of the babies are in critical situation.. Like you said maybe after clinicals we change our minds:confused:


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I am going to a tiny little college in Springfield, MO. Its called Cox College, its attached to the biggest hospital in my city. It has its faults like every other college, but since its not well known its easy to get into.

Really?? I have a friend the goes to college in Springfield and I used to live in Carthage,MO lol... well that's great!! BSN or ADN?

I hope all of us get it in to a program. I'm applying at 3 places for fall 2011. Good luck everyone!