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Hello everybody I am done with all prerequisites and I have an Associates degree in science. I took the hesi last month and I got math 84, reading comprehension 86, grammar 74 and anatomy 88. I was devastated because i couldn't get in the spring semester by 1 point :mad:...I plan to take vocabulary part any hints on that section? and How can I improve my grammar score? I''l be applying for the fall semester:).. I will retake hesi next month and I open this thread for us fall 2011 hopefuls.. :yeah:

good luck :D

I don't have any advice for you for the hesi exam (it's not required of any schools here in VT). I am, however, a fall 2011 hopeful :D. I have applied to a private college here in VT for my BSN. I applied Oct. 1st and they said I should have an answer in about 2 weeks so any day this week I should be receiving my letter (hopefully of acceptance!). Are you going the ADN or BSN route?


Lucky you!! Yay wohoo for all fall 2011 hopefuls! Hopefully you'll get in:yelclap:

I'm going for a BSN program too!! where is Vt at?

Hehe, VT is right next to New York :). Do you know what area of nursing you want to get into?

Ohhh wow that's nice!! I'm planning to apply to UT-Arlington, UT-Houston and Prairie View A&M University.. maybe NICU not sure yet. I would love to work in that area.. what abt you?

I'm also a 2011 hopefull! I attend a private college, so as long as I maintain a certain GPA in all my pre-reqs I will get accepted. We also don't need to take any entrance exams, thankfully! I hope the wait isn't too awful for all of you guys! I apply this spring and will find out sometime in the summer.

Welcome!! Well aren't you guys lucky? lol

Good luck.. are you applying for BSN or ADN?

I'm applying for a BSN, I just figured its better to get the 4 years out of the way. Plus the CC around here is lottery based and takes forever to get into. So the time it would take me to get a ADN equals that of a BSN, so why not!

Yes way to go girl!!! I just want to get this freaking test out of the way and keep going!! I'm basically in a red stop light just waiting for it to turn green!! How long is your NS program? how many semester?

Fall 2011 hopeful!!!!

I have to take the HESI in a couple months(crossing fingers). I need to at least make average on the hesi to avoid points being taken away. The University I'm applying for is on the point system - right now I'm doing very good 4.00 GPA for pre-reqs but afraid that I will bomb the hesi. I'm applying for a 16 month RN/ADN program with the option of finishing my BSN online. Good Luck to us all!

Hello:yeah:what is your average for the Hesi that your school requires?? Good luck to us all!!! congrats 4.0 gpa

The average for my school is an 84. I also heard that almost everyone does much better the second time taking the test.. Good Luck to you and Thanks!

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