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smk1, LPN

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in general yes, there of course are going to be personality differences,and I find that first impressions make or break you. First day of class I get there a bit early competely prepared and pick a good seat up front so that i can easily pay attention and the teachers quickly get to know me at least visually. If you are always punctual, polite, prepared, and a good student these are things that the teachers notice and then later if a problem comes up they are far more likely to try to accomodate you if they can if they already are assured that you are a good and dependable student instead of one who is always late, skips class, talks in the back, cell phone is always ringing,"always" has a crisis to excuse themselves etc... Teachers are people too and they can make snap judgements based on how you present yourself and this can include how you are dressed, if you are taking notes, where you choose to sit in class etc..

RNSuzq1, RN

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I agree with rpbear - we have a similar Instructor and now that we're about to Graduate, I'm actually glad that she pushed us as far as she did. I luckily figured out early on that her bark was much worse than her bite - but still, you definitely stay on your toes around her.

We had a few classmates that were dismissed for various reasons - some thought the Instructors had a personality conflict with them, but they can't toss you out of school just because they don't like you. With the huge shortage of Nurses, our school wants to graduate as many Nurses as possible, so they do everything they can to help us succeed. So, even if they don't like you personally but you're doing well in school - they're not going to get rid of a good student for personal reasons...

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