Failed the TX NCLEX twice...need encouragement

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I have really gone through a lot with nursing school, the hesi test, and now nclex. I have overcome SO much and this nclex is the LAST hurdle I have to get over, but it seems like the wall just keeps getting higher and higher. I failed it TWICE and Im really bummed about it. I have a job, but I havent started yet bc Im not licensed. THe first time I took the nclex I got 265 questions. I felt confident until the LAST question which was totally random. I started crying right when I read the question, bc I KNEW I wasnt gonna pass. The second time I took the nclex, I got 75 questions....walked out crying bc I KNEW I had failed. The questions were too easy. :( Im feeling SO down and LOW, bc I really cant see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am really devastated bc all I want to do is BE A NURSE and walk into my calling. I cant see myself doing anything else. I feel alone, bc NONE of my friends and family understands what it takes to be a nurse, or what it feels like to have ur dream constantly pushed further away from you. I just need someone who has been where I am. Has anyone else taken the nclex 3 times and passed the third time?! or even more than once?! Whats my chances of passing the third time?! Any study tips?! The ONLY things keeping me sane right now is my FAITH. I know God didnt bring me to this not to bring me THROUGH it, but...ya know, it HURTS!!! Thanks for your help...

I'm sorry to hear this. Give yourself time off to compose and prepare yourself. I was in a similar situation. On my first take, my computer shut off at 75 and I walked out of the center with doubt 'cause I thought the questions were 'easy', that's when I did the PVT and found out I failed. It was really hard to accept. What was worst was knwoing that I studied so hard for months and I didn't even give myself a fighting chance with the exam ( 75 and fail means you did REALLY bad ). It was definitely hard to study over again and pick yourself up and start at the beginning. But I did. And you know what, it's all worth it. After taking another two months and a half of review, I did the exam and the computer shut off at 75 again, but this time I got the good pop up. Just relax when you take the exam. Don't let the situation take over you, but you should have control of the situation. If you feel that you're not doing well, take a breather. Trust me, 6 hours for 265 questions is mooooore than enough, so if you can't seem to concentrate, close your eyes and massage your temporal area. Take advantage of the break as well. And before you do come to the center, have something to eat or have a candy while you enter the testing room, although food is prohibited, they really don't check it. Just pray and do your best. If you want to be a nurse, then you're destined to be one. :nurse:

The trick to passing NCLEX is persistence. If a person can pass after 8 or 9 tries, so can you. Don't give up.

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