Failed the RN-NCLEX why not opt to take the LPN-NCLEX?


I was just thinking why not just take the LPN NCLEX, I don't know the rules in your state but I am pretty sure you could challenge, I am very happy that I got my LPN license very recently because I plan on starting my RN program in January 2010 and god forbid I don't pass I will still have my LPN license to work with, So if the RN is not coming very easy why not just take the LPN exam and start getting a little money in your pocket as well as some experience.I Know in Florida the LPN exam cost $450 and the RN cost $500-$600, So I can't imagine failing once or twice, with little or no income coming in, I am not saying to forget about the RN, but I think that it would be time for plan "B".

Just a thought, what do you think?

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The 2 exams are different and the roles are also different. If going to do the PN route then make sure you buy the appropriate study material and not think what you have learnt for RN will do the trick. Also if foreign trained and still outside the US then would suggest that PN route isn't considered as PN will not meet requirements for immigration. Personally I would concentrate of RN if that is what you have been aiming for just look at how you are studying and whether new study material or plan needs to be used


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Lpn and Rn are two different disciplines, and learning additional material towards the lpn might confuse you in the long run.


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The LPN role is different and there is different content to the exam. Those that I knew who took both exams said that the LPN exam was more difficult. It would most likely be better for one to stick with the RN exam. Now, if there have been several failures and much time has gone by, it might be beneficial to take the PN exam so that one can work while preparing for the RN exam. Totally up to the individual.

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