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hi all failed again third time ...i dont know ..its seem everything was easy,,,failed at 75 qstudied kaplan,saunders,nothing answered 1000s of questions...donno am fit to live ,,,finished schooling 2000 am a foreign nurse...i ve passed cgfns in 2005 trying to study again...not able to lots of medications and infection control ...please tell how to study , any review ,will kaplan refund my money.has any one underwent the same to change my study ...i took for pa bon so when can i retake the exam...please help me help me

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Each BON is different so how many days did you wait last time? Will vary between 45 and 9 days. I would suggest you do not rush to resit the exam but study properly. Set up some protected study time and set a plan that is different from before and something suited to you. I would suggest 2-3 hours a day and no more. Start again as if you haven't sat the exam before and practice questions and read the rationales, even if you got it right.


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I used Kaplan and you need to notify them that you failed the exam. They should refund your money. Hope this helps. Keep your chin up. Pay attention to the advice that Silverdragon gave you about studying. Starting over fresh is the best thing to do.


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kaplan i asked for refund they told uve totake exam within 6 months and it is not applicable for international did you get ur refund back.


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Well, for starters I live in the states and I followed all the steps I was told to by the Kaplan representative when I signed up for the program. I am kinda funny that way, I always find out the steps I need to take should I need to get a refund. Sorry, it did not help you. I guess they have different rules for international students?

Don't let this get u down. Remember to start over with your studying just like you have never taken the test. Have you tried using the Saunders 4th edition book for studying questions? It is really great because it gives the rationale for each answer. Again I am sorry that I could not help you with Kaplan.

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