Failed for the 3rd time. Please help!


Yesterday, I found out my test results, and found out that I failed. This is the 3rd time I have taken it. The first two times, I took the Hurst Review. I got 218 questions the first time, and 158 the second time. I have major testing anxiety, and was prescribed Inderal, low dose, in addition to a psychologist for evaluation. It didnt really helped me. The last test I took, I studied with Kaplan review, I got the whole test and still failed. :crying2: I feel like im running out of options. I've spent alot of money and time, and I've lost my job. Sometimes, I feel like maybe this wasn't the path that I was suppose to be in, but I can't imagine myself doing anything else. Am I wasting my time? I feel like I'll never pass this test. I want to take it again, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Do you have any other suggestions? Tutor? Is this normal? or am I just stupid!

I've tried to figure out how the test is graded and still til this point, I dont know if I'm suppose to pass all the sections of the test or just overall? :cry:

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Sorry to hear you have failed. You have to get a pass in all areas to pass the exam. I would seriously consider Suzanne's plan and all information can be found in the stickies on the main NCLEX forum page



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hey, im sorry to hear you failed, but we just have to pick ourselves up everytime we fall...dont give up...=) I wont.

God bless


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Please don't give up. I also suggest you try Suzanne's plan. Also try to find another job, and study part of each day. The job will keep you from getting too depressed. Good luck.



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All this happens for a reaso.Give yourself the BELIEVE in yourself.It's not the number of times you took the exam that counts, but it's a matter of faith and belief that you will overcome this.Just stay strong and persistence and patience will be your key to your success.



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don't lose hope..i failed nclex second time and im not giving up...Im planning to take suzanne's plan.Just remember it is not the end of everything..Think positive!:) good luck for the both of us!

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