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Failed NCLEX twice


So I failed the NCLEX twice, once on January 30th, 2018 with 265 questions and March 20th, 2018 with 108 questions. The first time I used the Hurst review, and the second I solely used UWorld. Does anyone have advice on something I could use differently or something that worked for them that they felt made a huge difference? I take the test again on May 15th. Thanks!

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 32 years experience.

When you did your questions did you review the rationale to see what the keyword was and why the answer was the right answer?

Just as Silverdragon asked - When answering questions, the most important thing to do is read the rationale for EVERY question you do. Whether you get it right or wrong, you need to read every rationale - for why the correct answer is correct, and why the others were wrong. Also, very important is to pay attention to what it states the key word was.

Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN is good. In the answer section, it provides the correct answer. Then, it provides a good rationale, explaining why the correct answer was correct and why the other options were wrong. It also makes points to state to focus on the subject of the question, and states what it is in the rationale in case you were focusing on the wrong subject of the question - this will help you know. It also points out options that you can be eliminated because they are comparable or alike. It also provides test-taking strategy that you can use to come up with the answer. It is really helpful to always read the entire rationale and test-taking strategy for each and every question - whether you got it right or wrong. Even if you got it right, you might learn something you didn't know or learn a test strategy that you didn't know about, etc. I think its one of the best resources.

Also, the book "Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment" by Lacharity is really good! It helps you answer those types of questions.

"Lippincott NCLEX-RN Alternate-Format Questions". It comes with a code you can use to answer the questions online or use the book. It's really good if you have issues answering alternate format types of questions.

But the most important thing is to focus on reading each and every rationale, right and wrong. And focusing on test-taking strategies and the subject of the question and keywords in questions.

Mark Klimek review is really good. He explains things in a easy-to-understand way, giving you principles to be able to answer questions.