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failed nclex

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:cry: i just took but failed the nclex-rn exam.... i did my best & prayed hard.. i am very devastated and starting to lose hope.... i cried and cried and cried... how can i even make it to my second try.... i feel such a failure... :cry: can any1 help me what to do... i am just so hopeless.... :scrying:

Awww, darlin', I failed my medic test the first time I took it....Sometimes tests are not a true reflection of what you know....it is a stressful environment and there is alot of pressure we put on ourselves to pass.

Know that you will take it again and you will pass it. And you will be an awesome nurse. I will be looking for you in a year when I take mine for support!

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Unfortunately people do fail the test and is known that foreign nurses have a higher fail rate than US trained nurses. I failed twice. What you need to do is give yourself a little time to get over the failure and then pick yourself up and start studying again. Suzanne, one of the other oderators on here, devised a staudy plan which is excellant and you can find all information if you want to under the sticky titled 2008 version of Suzanne's Plan

Good luck

baby look i failed my lpn the first time and i was so ****** and upset because i felt dumb and stupid and i know im not so i sat down and thought about ok god must not be ready for me to go to work yet he must have another plan for me at this time and he did i got to do so much for my kids and spend so much quality time with them which brought up closer together because they have been put through hell and back with me going to school for the past two years to make a long story short i re took my test and passed so baby don't beat your self up about it just take some time and it will be ok god works in a lot ways let him work for you the hardest part was getting through nursing school and you have done that the easy part is just to retake your test good luck let me know how everything works out keep your head up :saint::saint::saint:

thank u guyz.. for the support... i really do appreciate ur help... especially now that i need it..... i gained strength from u guyz... u really helped me overcome my depression... yes... i realize this is just a test and i can do it, i will just have to triple my hardwork... im so thankful that i am now standing up and very much much willing to take the test again.... thanks for all who helped... God Bless you and I will pray for you all......


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Don't give up. You've come this far. It hurts a lot to fail but it hurts more to give up. Take the time to grieve, it's okay. Once you have accepted it, find out your weaknesses and strengthen them.

I hear that foreign nurses do have a tougher time passing the nclex. So don't think that you are alone. Have you tried Kaplan? They help you dissect and tackle nclex questions. Hope that helps and prayers work to! Good luck to you!


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HI, I know how you feel. I have been an RN for 7 months now and I failed the nclex the first time. I hated especially having friends from my program pass and I needed to feel happy for them. It seemed that everyone was passing but me and maybe a few others. In the end we will be RN's no matter how many times we take that darn test. One of my friends in the nursing program took the Nclex 4 times before he passed but he is an RN. Hang in there, it get's better every day. And don't take it again until you know you are ready. I graduated May 2007 and took it at the end of June. I didn't take it again until the beginning of October. I also had a few friends who took them again and they took theirs in aug. and had encouraged me to take mine sooner as well. I wanted to know I was ready. Big hugs to you, it will be okay! :)

I know how you feel, I failed my NCLEX with 265 questions this week

i feel like my plans have totally gone from me

I was top of my class in BSN program and now i failed and i feel like such a loser

I am gonna pick myself up and dust off these old rags in order to do the best i can on the test next time

Keep you head up

strengthen your weaknesses

you can do it and so can I

I just found out this morning I failed! eep! After 265 questions! I know this is meager attempt at encouragement, but I hope you can be encouraged by knowing that I am keeping the faith...

I AM very sad and feeling not so smart right now...especially since my boyfriend graduated nursing school with me and he should be scheduling his NCLEX sometime soon (when he gets his ATT)! Though I want him to pass and will be very happy for him when he does, I will be very sad if he becomes an RN before me. We have an interesting story - we both went to nursing school out of state and he's from Texas and I'm from Pennsylvania. He's working and saving up money to move up here because we are eventually planning on getting married. I want him so badly here, but I was hoping to be a nurse and have some stability before he comes up. That's selfish of me, isn't it? It's not like we compete with each other throughout nursing school, but this is something I wanted to have before him, and now I am at a catch 22 because I want him to take it and pass and be happy, yet I want to be a nurse first since I took the NCLEX first. It doesn't help that he's so supportive it sounds as if he's condescending (he's a sweetheart, but I'm a as stubborn as a mule sometimes).

I know that I will be a nurse eventually...As we all will if we keep at it, but I also know we all want it sooner rather than later.

I just ordered a Kaplan strategy book. I've heard the reviews on the new book (2008-2009) and it seems like a book that will help me. I need to know what the questions are really asking....

I can't explain failing other than by telling you I was mentally shocked by that test. I am going to keep on going over questions, but I need to feel mentally confident as well. I believe that this plays a big part in succeeding.

I know that they say go into the test expecting to take 265 questions, but I went in there hoping to take 75 and pass...wouldn't you know I sat through all 265 questions....*sigh*

Wow. I totally just sounded like a real drag. Please forgive me! I wanted to be encouraging to those who havn't passed, but I am still processing myself - this is day one for me. I have to get through the next 45 (at least)! You are all an encouragement. I love reading your posts. I know I will pass. Thanks for reading...

Hey everyone, I failed mine for sure.I am a retaker and this feeling is familiar. So, everyone, you are not alone. I haven't seen my name on the board and it has been one week! I am just waiting for my letter so I can go ahead and re-apply and hit the books again...I am still exhausted from studying the last 3 months!!!!

Testing anxiety is what I think happened.

Good luck studying everyone....

I also still wait for my result, I took the test on 7/7 and still can't find my name in BON. My friend, who took the test the same date n time but different center, just find her name in BON. I feel soo sad and stupid. I thought I failed, but when I called the BON later, the lady said that is not the way you look your result. Everybody has different process. She didn't mention how long the process, but she emphasized not to get discourage because you see somebody name who took the test with you. Just find out (call BON) and ask whether your IP still valid. Because when you fail your test, the IP will be expired right away. Hope this info is help.

hey guys. i just wanted to say.. please do not feel discouraged! i took the nclex and truly sincerely believe that a test like that cannot measure your "intelligence." it is definitely part luck - your format of questions as well as the area of strength in topic!

I graduated from school on May 3rd. I had two surgeries, and was going to be out on medical leave, so I thought "great, perfect timing to study for nclex". WRONG!! I didn't stop to realize exactly how much the surgeries would take out of me. Even on bedrest doing Kaplan, I obviously didn't do a great job, because on July 1st I failed. I walked out of the testing center not thinking I did bad (I stopped at 95), as all the people in my class stopped at 75 and passed. You could imagine the shock. I cried and cried, but that day, I sent off my re-take, and am now in waiting. I am getting ready to post to Suzanne, and with luck, the benefits will pay off. Things I was told:

1) If you are not 100% mentally AND physically ready, you are setting yourself up to fail.

2) When you pass the re-take, you will appreciate it more (realizing all the hard work you have gone through to get there)

3) Some of the BEST nurses failed the first time.

Hope these pearls of wisdom help, and hopefully I will see you on the RN side!

I failed several times, just remember, you are only a failure, if you fail to get up. My husbands words of encouragement to me.


Remember there are many others out there who have not passed and this doesn't make you less of a nurse. You can do this and don't ever doubt yourself.

I too failed on my first time... and it is so true that we will appreciate it more when we do pass... thank you for the words of wisdom :-)

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"Failures are made only by those who fail to dare,

not by those who dare to fail."

"Some people use failure as an excuse to give up,

to become bitter, or cynical.

Other people look at failure as an opportunity to

revisit past decisions and to devise new strategies."

I took the exam for the 4th time last wed.It stopped at 216.Hopefully tomorrow I will see my name on the web..

" a winner never quits,a quitter never wins"

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