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Failed NCLEX - 1st Time


I just took my NCLEX this past monday and failed, also tried the PVT and went directly to the CC page. You would think after graduation you would be flying high but that's not always the case. I was doing Saunders questions almost everyday about 50-100 questions daily. Since I didn't pass I was going to try to do the Kaplan Review Classroom Anywhere , and was wondering if anybody else took this course ? Is it a real teacher helping you along the way like the Live classroom version ? Also any other tips on how to study or what to study would be fine. I'm devastated but I know it's going to be a testimony to overcome this obstacle, and help others in the same situation in the future.


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msg88, I'm so sorry that you failed, but hang in there! You can do it next time! Give yourself a break and take couple days off completely from studying and then get back into the game with your mind clear.

I think the Kaplan Review Class Anywhere is live and interactive and allows you to ask question. If you are the type of learner that does well with interaction, this class would be great for you. I did and liked the Kaplan on Demand, which is basically watching videos anytime I want. It's not live nor interactive, but suited it me just fine. I didn't want to have to sign on when they have the classes and I'm a solitary learner (meaning, I get distracted in a group or if others are around). I also like that I can go back and rewatch the videos; I don't feel rushed in learning stuff this way. Again, it is because I'm a type of learner that do better by myself, rather in a group.

I see you did Saunder's, which was great (I used the book to review) but the questions were not as hard IMHO. Kaplan has a lot of questions that are moderately hard with higher levels of learning (Application & Analysis) that will help on nclex. I think it's really important to do practice questions of higher learning level so that will prepare you for the nclex. The Lippincott's Q&A also has chockful of moderately difficult questions that you can try out. Also, reading the rationales to the questions is very important.

But whatever you decide to do, don't give in to despair. Although it may be hard right now, stay optimistic and think positive thoughts!

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I've heard of Lippincott, and I was going to try and get that book cheap offline. But yes I found that Saunders was too easy and not really difficult questions. Thank you for all your tips! I will definitely stay positive!