Failed NCLEX-RN...What do I do now?


So I have been using this website to help me study throughout nursing school and for boards and have found great advice for so many different things...I graduated from nursing school on May 13th, 2016 and started immediately studying for the NCLEX on May 16th. It was so hard to see all of my friends on vacation and having fun when I was at home studying all day every day...especially when I got the news today that I failed. To prepare for boards, I did the online Hurst review and watched every video and filled in every blank and felt that I knew the material inside and out. I also bought the Kaplan QBank and was doing almost 200 questions a day. I have always had bad nerves when it comes to standardized testing but I never really realized how bad it was until I took boards on June 6th. I got to question 76 and just started crying like a baby and could not keep it together and got all the way to 265 and just knew I failed. With all of that being said, I am looking for advice because I honestly feel like I am the only one that this has happened to (even though I know I am not) but I am very discouraged and just am really confused as to where I need to pick back up with studying and what I need to do for the next 45 days. I scored my dream job in the surgical ICU and am so nervous to tell my boss because I don't want to lose the job that I fought so hard for! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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You said it yourself you have bad test anxiety and I think a good way to fight text anxiety is to do practice questions in sets of 75-265 and sit down and take the questions as if you were actually taking the NCLEX. Also, have you looked into Uworld? It is a great resource to study from.

Last thing, did you try the PVT before you got your results ?


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Yes I second the pp in regards to UWORLD, it is AMAZING! Awesome rationales and questions are really similar to NCLEX from what I heard, I am using it at the current moment and I am learning alot from it! Good luck and you will do well the 2nd time around ;)