Failed NCLEX-RN twice :( Please HELP!!


So I am really having a hard time!! I took the NCLEX twice and failed using kaplan review for both :( I scored 68% of question trainer 7 and it says that if you score 65% or above you should take the test with confidence but I am so confused now!! I basically have done all of kaplan and i am not sure if i should get my money back or continue using it. But I really don't know what else to use to review. i have a job set up and they have been very nice so far with being supportive but i really want to pass this time and i am not sure my job will be there if i fail again!! please help me with your suggestions!! Does Suzanne's Plan really work or should i do something else. Please HELP ME!! It seriously has been a tough road!!

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Suzanne's plan does work but you have to meet her requirements, complete the first tip, ensure that you only use her plan and nothing else and also have the time to do her plan, once you have meet her requirements and she send her plan you need 45 days to do it so you need to plan your date appropriately


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i also failed the nclex twice and its very discouragin... i have been on here before and was able to access the first part to susanne plan but now it wont let me access can someone help me...


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From what I understand, Kaplan's testing and the 65% rule only demonstrates how well you are able to use the strategies they have taught you, not necessarily that you have mastered the test content. Did you watch the lecture videos online? That was by far the biggest help to me. If you decide to use another study method, I would suggest trying Suzanne's plan. Many posters rave about it. I also made use of the Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment book, as well as the 250 Alternate Format Question Review Book by Lippincott. I felt extremely prepared using these resources and had several questions similar to ones I had previously seen in these resources.

Best of luck to you!

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Heeey. so, i just joined today and this is my first 'reply to thread'! (yay, me!) oh, and check out my first post: old grad or new grad??

but anyway, i totally understand where you're coming from. I just took the NCLEX in june for the second time and felt like i did horrible. sidenote: i graduated in January were not in my favor and took the Kaplan once, totally didn't pay attention and so, decided to take it again for this second time around. well, imagine my surprise when i DID pass!! my advice: KAPLAN. use it, breathe it, do not sleep without doing 3 or 4 of the practice quizzes. use the chart to view how well you are improving and where your strengths and weaknesses are. review the videos and use the decision tree. it REALLY does work. now, if you need a break from kaplan, use saunders. it is a different perspective. go over the different systems and use the CD questions. always do questions, that is what i believe has helped me. if you need any more advice, let me know! good luck! :redpinkhe

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