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Feeling pretty down right now because I have failed NCLEX now twice. I feel like I am defeated and can't get over this hump. I have taken several study NCLEX courses, but nothing is working for me. Any advice or suggestions would be a great help!

Take a deep breath. Give yourself a day to feel as bad as you want and strive to get it all out of your system. Then start with a new plan the next day. Study as if you had never tested before. Get a new review book. Try Saunders Comprehensive Review if you didn't use it before. Answer as many questions as possible and study the rationales. Take time to study content first if you need to. Don't reschedule too fast. Be persistent. You can do this as long as you don't give up.

Don't feel bad your not the only one out there. I too took NCLEX 2 times also and failed. I have one more chance and have been putting it off since July. I started to study after the second time and will just gave up. Take your time you will start to feel better. Don't rush yourself to take it cause other people say when are you taking it again. Take it when you are ready. I felt like a failure and a big disappointment and till this day I still feel this nightmare always there cause I know I have to take it the last time. We made it though Nursing school and that was not easy. So take it easy and when you feel ready to start studying again you will feel better, and know you're not the only one out there. Hope you feel better.

Thanks for all the encouragement. I really needed to hear that. My letter said near passing standard in every area, so I know I can't be that far off. I am going to try an new strategy. I bought the newest Comprehensive Saunders book out. It should be here on Monday. I am going to use that to study this time. Just keep me in your prayers. Thanks again.

Good Luck......

I Know how you feel i to have failed but i just failed my third attempt and my paper stated near paassing in everything,.... i just signed up for the NCSBN hopefully that will help.... not sure

good luck and keep praying

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