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I have taken that test twice. They recommended me the book NCLEX-RN for Dummies by Patrtick R. Connan. I can't find this book anywhere. People in Amazon are asking over 100.00 for a used book. No bookstore has it, I have checked everywhere in my town and it disappeared from the face of the Earth. I even wrote to the publisher but it is out of circulation. i tried Googling an equivalent or the closest book in the market to the one I am trying to find Does anyone has it or have any idea where I can find a copy. I have my NCLEX EXAM at the end of August (again). HELP PLEASE!!!!

There are a lot of good resources you can use to study. Don't waste too much time looking for one specific book.

Honestly content didn't help me. I graduated 4 years ago and have taken the Nclex 4 times I just took it again yesterday for the 4th time and I passed. I would say doing questions helped me better. Uworld is really good! I would try that

I would suggest uworld. I would also suggest learning question answering strategies rather than studying content. The trick is how to BEST answer the question. Hope that helps! Goodluck!

Do you know any question answering straiigy books that are good?

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