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HI guys

I just failed my first nclex-rn exam with 265 questions.

the letter said all of the content areas are "near the passing standard."

I did all of the questions on Kaplan and getting score of 50-65%. I used the red priority books also and did some questions from A&Q.

I feel sooooo disappointed, and don't know what to do anymore. maybe i should not be a nurse.

can anyone give me some advise of how to study for the Nclex?

Is there any program that will help me pass?

I am bad on the questions that ask you to put two clients in the same room. is there a trick for it?

thank you sooooooooo much.

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I feel for you. It's a hard test. I just finished mine yesterday and received 265 questions. I am still awaiting my results. I tried the pearson trick, but my test results are on hold for some reason. I had a lot of trouble with the palm scan and I heard that may be the reason why they are verifying everything.


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Just remember that clean and dirty patient's don't mix.


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Keep your head up. You can do this...just remember we know more than we actually think we do. I would advise you to do as many questions as you can reading each rationale and even writing them to remember better. Good luck sweets!


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Don't give can still take it..failed my first attempt now i am preparing for my second take and hopefully last..just review again this time know your weak points and take your time


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seriously don't give... just take it again.. at least this time.. you'll know whats up... was a lot of delegating task to nursing assistant for your part?!

Don't give up, I graduated 7 years ago but I recently passed last 2/14/14 for the first time. If I did it you can do it better.

Like illnesses Go together :)

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