Failed AANP Twice And Finally Passed

I decided to write this post because many of the past posts about failing the AANP boards and finally passing has inspired me. I definitely spent a lot of time reading them. Students NP Students Article


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Thank you so much for this post. I recently took AANP at the end of December for the second time and failed. I have been beside myself on how to go about studying again since I had done so much additional studying after the first time I failed. My testing anxiety is also horrible, and I struggle with dyslexia. Your post has now encouraged me to get back up and try again (with some of your tips) and also try to get a note from my Dr. I know what my weak points are (pharmacology and derm) and I find I have no problem verbally answering a question that I can not answer with multiple choice. I think that with some of your tips, I can gain a stronger base knowledge and work through this devil of a test the third time around. Third time is a charm, right? Even Kenedy had to take the Bar three times.


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Thank you very much for all the information you posted. I read through it all. Its motivational and helps. Specially for the ones that have test anxiety and cant seem to pass a darn test if their life depends on it. Congrats and glad you can finally breath and rest and enjoy the precious time with your family now.

I am starting to study again for my third try. Could you tell me what your study schedule was while working?

Your dedication is inspiring.

Thank you


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Does anyone know if you get a second attempt to take the AANP exam for free or if it costs money all over again? Thank you.


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Hi are you still able to help? Would love you to hear from you, email me at lar[email protected] and Congrats from passing after the struggles


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Well the test will cost you every time you re take it. Why would they make it free when they can profit off of retakes haha. Makes too much sense to not rip off the NPs.

anyhow I failed this last attempt again. Will try to study again maybe in 6 months or so. The exam is all a scam and very subjective I don’t care if people argue about there are References this and that. I have wasted so much money in the AANP and ANCC. But AANP is I think the best exam to take for a true practicing NP.

if you are a good test taker and have all the time in the world to study for this thing then you’ll pass if your not a good test taker like me good luck. Keep trying and trying again and again.

im a practicing NP for over 4 years now and work all over the place, my experience will never be measurable with a lame exam. Almost nothing on the test has anything to do with real life. If they want a legit examination they should work with the people who do the NCLEX exam and use their format.


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I recently met a foreign MD that has been in the USA for about 7-8 years now, back home he worked for over 15years as an MD. He came here passed all of his USMLE exams but when he tried to find residencies he just would not meet their needs. So he gave up trying f to practice as an MD here... he went to nursing school is now a working NP for couple years, he studied for the AANP and thought it was a joke and was very very easy for home. But the USMLE he spent over 9 months full time to study for it. Basically re studied everything from his medical school. Anyhow he barely speaks English, not sure how well his practice is but when it comes to tests and study material Retention this guy is like a savant.


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would like to know your personal experience? What’s ur email, maybe we could talk better?

Hi there! 

I just failed my first AANP exam. I was wondering is the second exam different from the 1st? And was the 3rd different from the first 2?

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