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  1. Fullglass please do not mix up state licensing and national certifications! National certification is completely different that state license to practice. Please do not mix those up because those are two completely different things. I just saw your second post and had to respond to it. In California, once you complete a properly accredited NP program which involves rigorous NP rotations with MDs, then you are licensed in the state to practice. But the national certification is optional! "In addition, there is nothing subjective about the NP tests. They are very straight-forward. Honestly, I am very concerned about any practicing NPthat cannot pass these tests and do not think a prospective NP should obtain a license w/o passing one of these tests."
  2. Hi Fullglass, where and how do I find out information regarding getting an MD certification?
  3. Hi everyone, I am a FNP of over 3 years now and attempting to take the ANCC again!, and I noticed today on the ANCC or nursing world website that starting May 2019 the format and subjects are changing? I have emailed them, without reply, it seems like the ANCC is becoming more like the AANP. I think if I had seen this information sooner, I would've tried the AANP exam again, instead of the ANCC. Please if anyone has any information about this reply. And what study tools would be best for the new format ANCC. https://www.nursingworld.org/~48f9cc/globalassets/certification/certification-specialty-pages/resources/test-content-outlines/familynp-tco-may-222.pdf https://www.nursingworld.org/our-certifications/family-nurse-practitioner/ Scroll down and it shows the test changes.