FA office is trying to give me the run around...arrrghhhh

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On Thursday I went down to my CC to get my book voucher. I got there just in time because they were about to close. When I got my voucher it stated that my fa award for this semester is $1,012.00. My tuition is $929.00 and I was being given $83.25 for books. I can't even buy one book with this amount of money. I'm steamed because when I recieved my award letter it stated that I would receive $1688.00 for the 2003-'04 school year. I recieved $338.00 for Fall and was supposed to receive $1350.00 for spring.....what happened to the rest of my money. I didn't change the amount of credits for the spring, and financially nothing changed for me. When I received my award letter I was relieved because I didn't know how I was going to pay for books. I called on Friday and left a message and of course no one called me back....:rolleyes: . So that means I'll have to go down there tomorrow and speak to someone.



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I will send you good vibes to deal with the evil FA ppl!!!!:roll

Don't you just love it? I hope you get your money because that just sucks, how do they expect you to get books???

Good luck and let us know what happens....we're all in the evil battle together!!

This happened to me too, but relax because you've got it in writing and you will get it no matter how much wool they try to pull over your eyes.

I once had a financial aid check BOUNCE because they put a stop on it when they thought they'd given me too much...turns out someone screwed up...it was the right amount but it took them 8 weeks to fix it and in the meantime I had to borrow $$ to pay for tuition and books.


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It definitely pays to keep track of all the award notices, make sure the amounts remain consistent. One slip of a computer button and it could make a big difference in the amt. you receive. Just goes to show us that computers are not 100% reliable like some people think they are. I'm rooting for you in your "battle for the books" tomorrow - hope everything turns out in your favor!


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This doesn't help you out at all, but when I went to see my FA officer, she said, "what do you need the money for? You don't have kids" HA!!!! Gee, I didn't realize I was rich.

Like I said I am no help to you, just know, I believe most FA offices are a battle. *sigh*

Good Luck

jschut, BSN, RN

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Good luck! :)


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This is my beef also! I called this morning, and they told me that the computer is down, to call back..

How convenient!:(


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Well, I went to the FA office today.....and they told me that the $1688 was an estimated figure and based on me attending full-time. Being that I an attending 3/4 time they had to adjust the monies. I told her that that is unacceptable. I said the letter states that I wll be awarded $1688 for the school year and that is was I should get. I told her that I depended on that extra $350.00 for my books. She told me that she understands but there is nothing she could do....college policy and all.....arrrghhhh. I told her that I had a suggestion, for future reference, the letter should state that "....this award is an estimate...." and not "....you will be awarded...."

So I did go buy my Soc. 207 (Understanding Death and Dying) book with my book voucher, it was $79.99...and I bought a notebook with the change. My Soc. 201 cost $87.50 and my History book costs $55.50....I'm thinking about dropping history...



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Sorry to hear that Fatima...but most colleges do pay based on the number of credits you take and the number they give you on your award level is usually based on full time attendance. I know my college only gives 75% if you have 9-11 units...I have to take a flippin' Pilates class so I can get all of the money awarded to me. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I know how hard it is...I've been through my own financial aid woes before. Is there anyone you can borrow from for the book? Maybe just go to the first class or 2 or 3...you can always drop. I know some classes you can get away with just your notes...or they have a copy on hold in the library...

Good Luck to you!:)


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It's probably not a good idea to drop any of your credits, as they might try to get back some of the money they gave you. The amount you got was based on the classes you were taking, if you don't take them, they'll want the money back. Maybe you can switch to a class that doesn't have books (yoga, pilates, etc).

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