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Extension dilemma


I am currently on assignment in NY and I agreed to extend for 4 weeks. I haven't signed anything yet, but the manager asked and I said yes. But then I saw a really well paying assignment somewhere else that starts in a few weeks. Would it be bad to renig on the extension and take the other assignment instead? Or does it not matter since I haven't signed anything?

Leader25, ASN, BSN, RN

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I have know hospital to cancel on the RN even after a contract, so do what you want, unless you feel you might like to return there.

If I recall, I believe you are in L&D, where high paying assignments are about a dime a dozen.

It might be best to stick with what you told the manager, that might open the door to a repeat assignment with them if you ever get in a pinch about finding one.

It is only four weeks and is a sure thing. The other assignment may go away or have better candidates than you submitted. Plus keeping your word is always a good thing. If nothing else, this may teach you not to commit before investigating your other opportunities.

Enough reasons?


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An oral commitment means a lot. If I were you I would honor that. You might be able to get out of it, but think about the good reference you are losing out on for the future because of going back on your word.