Exposure to Hep C from NG tube?


A patient had an NG tube with tube feeding that was clogged, I went to flush the NG tube with NS and I was unable to de-clog it and in the process some of the NS sprayed out of the tube and hit me on the face, right below my nose and my upper lip. (I am not 100% sure if it hit my upper lip as well). I think that since I was not able to flush the tube that all I got hit on the face with was normal saline? I washed my face afterwards and I understand hep C is transferred via blood but I would like to know what my chances are of contracting hep C this way. The patient does have hep C.

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Have you completed the documentation and exposure protocol as laid out by your facility? A conversation with the occupational health nurse, infection control nurse, or your primary provider can answer those questions. Your post does seem to border on medical advice, which is against TOS.

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Did you fill out an incident report and go to occupational health? That is where the healthcare professionals are that can address your concerns


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Per TOS we can't offer medical advice, however here is a hint as most of my patients seem to have Hep C so I have some experience being around it...

Was there BLOOD TO BLOOD contact? That is how Hep C is transmitted, mucus membrane transmission largely is theoretical according to current studies.

Follow the protocol but I wouldn't worry. Even with Hep C needles sticks the transmission rate is around 4%.

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Please visit your GP for advice-unfortunately we cannot give medical advice on this site

Good luck

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