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jadelpn, LPN, EMT-B

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Circumcision is a personal choice a parent makes for their child.

If asked what one's personal decision is regarding same--as a nurse, we need to be right down the middle

"I support a parent's right to choose what they believe to be best for their child"

Any further questions, I would direct to their pediatrician.

jadelpn, LPN, EMT-B

9 Articles; 4,800 Posts

Well- given that it *has* been proven to decrease STD transmission, I don't think the issue is quite as simple as merely giving parents "the facts" and it being as clear cut as all that.

Also- the "divine mistake" point only works with those who are religious :wink2:

Personally, we chose NOT to circ our son- but as I do see "the facts" and they are as much for it as against it- a fairly even split- I can certainly see why some would choose to go for it- especially in areas where HIV and other STDs are especially rampant. People see that first hand and see a way to cut that risk for their child- even if it's not a guarantee- most parents view protecting their offspring as a high priority and will do anything they can to do so. Even if it means snipping a bit of skin and taking the risk of that surgical procedure. The point is that each parent has to do their own risk/benefit ratio for their own circumstance- and what they anticipate being issues for their offspring. Their own experiences and biases will play into that, of course- but when "the facts" are neutral with as many pros as cons- it becomes a personal decision and that risk/benefit ratio has to be applied individually.

I am not sure where you are getting this information from, but STD's are rampant with unprotected and/or high risk sex--doesn't matter if a male is circ'ed or not. Let's not get parents all in a tither that their kid is gonna get aids from being uncircumsized. That is just wrong.


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My opinion doesn't matter to the parent. Circumcision is a personal choice. It cannot be undone, really (there are some techniques but I doubt it's the same.) The studies do show a lower risk of STD transmission with circumcision. It doesn't mean being circumcised prevents STDs. I explain the procedure itself and the risks it carries with it, explain the need if it's a deformity, explain the pros and cons. Answer any questions they have truthfully and without my own opinion.

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