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Expired LVN license 21 years ago.


I am in need of some sound advice.

I was an LVN 21 years ago. I left nursing when my children were born and never returned. Since that that time I have moved from the state I had my license in.

I now live in California, and would like to return to my nursing roots. I understand I would have to re-take the NCLEX, however, I am wondering if the BON will even allow me to take them since it has been 21 years since I practiced as a nurse and even longer since I took my orginial nursing boards (in another state).

Am I wasteing my time studying for the boards?

Will there be additional requirements that I may need to complete before I can sit for the boards?

I have contacted the BON, and they said just send in my application, but I sure would like to know before sending in money and buying all these books, if I have a chance.

Thank you tons, before hand, for all your help!!


I never held a license but I failed the NCLEX once in '00, testing under TX board. Just this April, I took and passed the test under CA licensure.

I am pretty sure that CA will allow you to test. I started studying months before I even knew if I would be allowed to re-test. The books were expensive. My time and effort put into preparing seemed endless. But it was all worth it in the end. Plus, $75 to have my application reviewed by the board seemed like peanuts, in regards to what I ultimately gained...my RN license!!

GOOD LUCK!! You can do it too!!

Did you write down the name of the person that you talked to? Just do as you were advised, submit your application and take it from there. If there are any hoops they want you to jump through, you will be informed. Otherwise, just hope for the best. You can always communicate with them and quote what you were told. I would hope that they would do nothing more than require you to take a refresher course, which you should consider doing anyway. Let us know what happens and good luck.

Thanks for the words of encouragement, they are greatly appreciated.

The BON said to send in my application and after they review it they will let me know.

It makes me so nervous, because I am studying so hard and am afraid that after all my hope they will denie the application due to the looooong time since I have been in nursing school.


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