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..So Im wondering what happens when your license expires. I graduated in 2008, and have never had a job that I can really list as experience. Worked in a Dr. office for a short time, and home care for a short time. Then had 2 children and am now a SAHM.

I sort of feel like I wasted my time. Once the job market turns around, and I go back to work.. I'll be out of date & wont be able to find a job because its been too long.

Ive kept up with my CEU's, and have completed the education required to be a Lactation Consultant (but no clinical hours - due to not working). But I sort of feel like its just a waste of money.

What happens if I let my license expire? Do I just have to take the NCLEX (no easy feat) again?

If I ever do get a job would a refresher course suit me? Even though its not really a refresher - since I have almost no experience?

I really hope this job market turns around eventually :( It stinks !

Thanks for your help !

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Put your license on INACTIVE status - do not let it expire. Keep up with your CEUs Do the legwork to look for a refresher course IF you feel you'll need it if your non-nsg time continues. Good luck.

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just pay the fee and renew it. that has how it worked in the 3 states how i worked in

Check with your BON. They all have different requirements. I know in all the states I'm licensed in, there are requirements for education at the time of renewal...but that they vary between states.

I'm licensed in four states and carry compact licensure because I live and work in a compact state. I'll be putting the other three as inactive status when they're due for renewal. It seems like a liability otherwise...

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Might have to be careful about making your license inactive as well; check your state. I believe in mine (IL), if left inactive for x# of years (5 or maybe 10?), it becomes permanently inactive & you have to do refresher courses &/or NCLEX again (according to an instructor when I was in school). Better just to keep it active.

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I have dual licensure in Ohio and Michigan. When it came time to renew my Ohio license about four years ago, I had kept up my CEUs (I could use them in both states) but I had not completed the mandatory 1 hour of Ohio Nursing Law CEU that is required for having a license in Ohio and I was working in Michigan so, afraid that I would be audited, I put my Ohio license on inactive status. A couple of years ago when I was looking for a job and was considering applying for some positions in Ohio (I live very near the border between OH and MI), I contacted the Ohio State BON to see how to restore my license from inactive to active. The lady that I spoke to at the BON acted shocked that I had put my license on inactive status because of one mandatory CEU not being completed and said something like, "Honey, don't EVER put your license on inactive if you can help it, always keep it active. There's really no reason to put it on inactive status at all, we would have worked with you if you had gotten audited."

I guess what I'm trying to say is, just keep your license active. It doesn't cost anymore, and you never know what the future will bring.

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I agree--if possible, keep it active. If you can't, make it inactive.

Whatever you do, don't keep it inactive too long or let it lapse entirely--depending on your state, it may be harder to restore.

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