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Will be starting as a school nurse soon and have some questions?

How long prior to the kids arriving to school do you arrive?

How long do you stay after dismissal?

On days where it is teacher workshop days and no kids are you expected to be present?


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Congrats on being a school nurse!

So far as arriving to school you will want to check with your admin. I get to school at 0730 as the kids start rolling in at 0745. The school opens up at 0800 but moms will come into the office (they open at 0730) and want to drop meds off and talk about new changes before going to work.

As for staying after dismissal you will need to check with your admin. I stay until 1600 as my kids do not dismiss until 1545. I am then out of there unless I have CPS setting in my office or I have a meeting that I stuck in.

On workshop days I do go in and work. Its a GREAT time to get letters mailed out, info inputted into the pc, charts put up, ect. You will come to love workshop days. But you may want to ask admin if they want you to come in.

Hope this helps.

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Same here almost. I have abt half hour before and after school without kids. We are required to work teacher workdays but it's nice because you can get a lot done without kids there. The principal usually sets the hours we begin and end.

My hours are 8:00-3:00. The kids start school at 8:15 and are dismissed at. 2:45. I'm rarely in before 8:00 because of my own kids but often stay until 3:30 to finish up things in my office.

congrats on your new job!