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I am a lpn in Jacksonville florida.I recently got arrested.My first time ever in trouble.I'm sure I will get some rude comments but I will tell my story.About 9 years ago I went to the dentist ..I became addicted to pain pills after having dental work done.My husband and I both became addicted.One night he bought home heroin.I was mad at first.I told him he was crazy..I said do you know how addictive that *** is..5 minutes later I was stupid and said save me some.That choice led to a 3 year heroin addiction.I only snorted..never shot up..I know its bad whether snorted..injected or smoked.Anyway..I am clean now..I am a methadone patient and I smoke weed...Dont worry..I'm not providing patient care.I had cashed some checks for people I thought were my friends.They were stolen .I'm facing 5 felony charges. Forgery..defrauding a financial institution..criminal use of a personal id..wielding a forged instrument..and forgery again.My DON said I wasn't fired but I cant go back to work until I file for exemption.My license is clear..My next court date isn't until June 10th.How do I file for exemption ?? Can I apply elsewhere ?? I haven't been convicted yet.Are there anyother recovering lpns on here ?? I am scared...I dont know what to expect.I also need prayers.My husband is still actively using..I find heroin hid in my house and in his wallet.I found some recently and relapsed..so now my counselor wants me to go to rehab.Are there rehabs that give methadone ?? I dont want them to switch me to vivitrol or suboxone.I'm doing OK on the methadone.Any advice or words of support will be appreciated.I am very shy.I have no friends.GOD BLESS YOU ALL...AND BEFORE ANYONE IS RUDE...ONLY GOD JUDGES ME.

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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2 hours ago, Kimberly Ann Peace Olszanowski said:

I am a methadone patient and I smoke weed

This, in combination with what appears to be your real name used as your screen name, is likely to lead to trouble for you. There are places who hire people to go through social media and find problematic posts. Please check your PMs for instructions on how to change your username if you would like to do that.

Sour Lemon

Has 9 years experience.

Honestly, I think your nursing career has just ended abruptly. The "you're not fired" talk is passive, and a way of letting others handle the uncomfortable task of pushing you out.

Recent theft, felonies, and substance abuse combined will be near impossible to overcome with regard to working as a nurse. If you manage to keep your license and do some type of rehab, you'll have expensive (for you) and and difficult to accommodate (for an employer) restrictions. And if you're fortunate enough to find an employer willing to work with that, they're very likely to change their minds after a background check is completed. The liability risk will simply be too high.

I do wish you the best, but I also think you have to be realistic and start working on a "plan B". And like previously mentioned, these are not issues that you should be posting about with your real name and picture- on this site or any other.

TriciaJ, RN

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I agree with the above posters. But the part that really jumped out at me is that your husband is still actively using, and you have no friends.

I strongly recommend you find a 12 step program in your neighbourhood to help you get clean and to form some supportive connections. These will be the people who will be there for you while you put one foot in front of the other and work your way into a better situation. Wishing you all the best.