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Extremely annoyed and needed to vent. Tomorrow is exclusion day, don't know if it's similar for all of you all. I have one kid left on my list that won't be able to come to school tomorrow if he doesn't get a Hep A shot. These parents have been getting these letters for months now. I have sent home my own letters with the kids and called. I talked to this mom at the beginning of last week and she was non-committal about when she was going to take care of it, saying, "He will have his shot before the deadline."

I called again today because--hello--you STILL haven't given me documentation. Who knows if the kid got his shot and the doctor's note is crumpled up in his backpack. She gets all angry, accuses me of "full on harassing her" and said, "He will have it before the deadline. Like I said before" and hangs up on me. Her kid was excluded last year and she sent him to school anyway. Forgive me for not trusting her word. Also, it IS the deadline. I wanted to ask her why she is the only parent that hasn't gotten this done yet at my elementary school both last year and this year. It's not like I just sprung this on you...:mad:


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Ug, I feel your pain. Your state is more generous than Illinois. Our exclusion date is October 15 but each district can set an earlier date if they choose to. My district chooses Day 1 Exclusion. Turned away on the first day of school if physical with up to date immunizations is not turned in.

The district I just left had just changed to the October 15th exclusion date and it was the same s***. Irate parents over things I had been emailing/calling them for months about. It's not like I sprung it on them the day before! So annoying.

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In Missouri, there is no grace period. No shots--no school, from day 1. Makes for a lot of pre planning before school ever starts.


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In our district the admins call parents to have kids picked up once they are past date.

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