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I am awaiting a CPNE date and realizing its time to start looking for a BSN program. I had decided before to go on to Indiana State University for my RN to BSN but now that I am so familiar with Excelsior I'm thinking why not just do their RN to BSN. I did a search on Excelsior's BSN program and didnt find too many opinions, I did find a post about it not being good for students who wish to get an advanced practice certificate in the future. I want to go straight on for my MSN then my Nurse Practitioner license, now concerned that might be a problem with an Excelsior BSN. I really like that its self-paced and I have most of the pre-req's. Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on the program? Thanks! :nuke:


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See my post dated today on thread "Excelsior Grads...Where are they now".


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My only thought would be.........why not skip that and go right to the RN-MSN program?

Good luck either way of course.

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I agree with rttobern ... there are some ADN-MSN/FNP programs out there. I know ivanh3 has almost finished doing just that with Graceland University -- http://www.graceland.edu/nursing/4777/ -- if you know where you want to end up, it makes sense to take the path directly there. :D

I am doing the EC BSN and it is NOT very clinical. It is designed for educators and researchers.

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I've looked into it a little bit because my goal is that MSN, too. I've pretty much decided to stick with Excelsior at this point and go directly from Associates to Masters. If you have any questions and would like to explore other schools, I would pick a couple that look interesting to you and call them up!

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