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Do anyone know what books Excelsior uses for each course?

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Do anyone know what books excelsior uses for each course?

There is a syllabus which indicates which books goes towards which classes. If you are taking the classes I would recommend getting the books used, that is the ones that you can buy used. Some classes, like Microbiology, requires you to buy the books new so you can get the access codes for online sim labs and such.

If you are taking the Excelsior college exams you will find out which books you need to study from when you are up to the appropriate phase in the program. They will not allow you to see the syllabus for LS3 when you have completed the Phase 1 requirements such as Health Safety, Transitions and so on.

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go to the Excelsior bookstore and click on the exams. Most of the exams use the same books especially the basic nursing and medi surg books.


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