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Excelsior Health Safety Exam


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I have been skimming the information for health safety and took the two practice exams. It seems like a review of LPN school

For anyone who has taken this exam, is the real exam the same as the practice ones? I'm thinking about not studying a whole lot. Is that a mistake? :bugeyes::bugeyes::bugeyes::bugeyes:

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I relate to what you are saying I started by wanting to study a lot for this exam but when I realize the contents where so similar to what I learned in LPN school I decided to take the test without studying and I got an A. If you did good in the practice exams you should be ok. I personally did not even do the practice exams.

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Oh, that makes me feel better. :yeah:I think I will just go take it. Are there any other tests like this, or are most of them new information?

I started with Transition to RN and there seemed to be a lot of new information in it. I got an A, but I did study for about 6 weeks.


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This is totally based on my experience but the material I was taught in LPN is exactly the same I see in the EC exams. In fact I have not even open a book yet because I have been studying from my old notes and NCLEX books questions. Now, that does not mean that I don't study because I do spend 3 intense weeks (about 4, 10 hours days every week) studying but I have been doing very good. It is funny that you started with the transition exam because to my knowledge that is the ONLY one that is different from LPN school and I borrowed the books for that one because I don't thing that information is in my old books.

Congratulations :yeah:for doing so well in the transition exam, any tips??? I am planning to take that one next.

Best of luck to you!!!


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hey! you are almost finished, way to go!!:nmbrn:

for transition to rn, i suggest taking the practice exam. it is just like the real thing.

thanks for the info and good luck with the cpne!!!

I would suggest that you give it an honest effort at studying. You don't want to feel like you shortchanged yourself. Some people have reported that a few of the questions from the practice exams reappeared on the real one but that can't be counted upon. You can expect the same type of questions, so if you felt comfortable with the practice exams and did well, then you are probably prepared. Good luck.


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the exam is different from tyhe practice test, i took health safety few month ago and i failed it, am going back in a month, it a lot to study and criticle thinking, priority questions, so study real hard, the exam is not a job:uhoh3:

i just took the health safety test on monday and i passed with a b.

i am a paramedic so i ve never had any nursing theory material and found my brain had to think differently.

although i have bought a lotttt of recomended text books, for the most part, i didnt crack em at all.

at first i did with the fundamentals but all the nursing theory stuff made my brain hurt and eyes cross.

so for about 12 hours over the week before--3 or 4 hours on saturday and all day sunday--i study stuff i got off ebay from studygroup101 and did a computer-base exam (something like over 200 questions) from ahhh can't think of the name of the seller but the cd is called excelsior nursing health safety computer-based exam cd. in addion too those two, i bought linda arends study guide and did look at but she has her logo on all the pages and it's hard to read. so i found i had so much material to look at when i was down to the wire i just stayed with studygroup and the computer-based exam cd.

i will say that i was freaking out that morning. my exam was at 3:30pm. but when i sat down and started taking the exam after a few questions i felt "this is too easy of a exam" and started to relax. i did feel i had a 100% of course i didnt and was really upset that i didnt. so i think the computer-based cd and studygroup did help.

I just took the exam today and failed...not a good feeling when i really felt i knew the material. Seemed like they didn't have a lot of questions on the exam that I knew from the study material. Have you since passed? Any thoughts?

I just took my Health Safety exam, I failed the exam. The contents on the test was nothing that i had studied from. I put a complaint into the excelsior testing site waiting to hear back from them? I too did well on all the practice exams, the test i was given floored me. Did this happen to anyone. I put alot of effort into this like i always do. Please someone help me

I just wrote a comment on my experience have you since passed snd if so what material did you use?

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