Excelsior General education requirements


Anyone take their general education requirements thru Excelsior? I know it's very expensive, but taking them the traditional way is very difficult, timewise, for me. For some reason, this is discouraging me. :(



mc, you can CLEP out of a lot of them.

What classes do you have? EC will accept pretty much everything you took.

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I have nothing....I was hoping to CLEP out of the English Comp but it doesn't look like they'll accept that...


No biology? Sociology? Nada?

You can CLEP soc, I know.

You know, one thing that you CAN do, and I'm serious, is take it one class at a time. One. At. A. Time. You got to this age without them, so maybe finances mean you take an extra year to do it. So what? You'll be that year older anyway. I have to keep telling myself this because I want a master's.


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no they wont accept clep english but they offer a way to test out of english. i am not sure of the details though. you know your community college may have online courses for you to take. i got my aas and bs degree all online....look into it

i have nothing....i was hoping to clep out of the english comp but it doesn't look like they'll accept that...



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I would also suggest that you take online classes from your local colleges if you can't attend regular classes. But before you sign up for any of these research testing out with CLEP or DANTES. Since you don't have any of these classes under your belt you need to find a way to do them one way or the other. Find what is easiest for you and good luck.

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