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Excelsior exam order

by **Trinity** **Trinity** (Member)

Hi all. Very new here, just signed up today. Well, I did excelsior back around 2000 but didn't finish. My question is this. I am starting excelsior again and have not enrolled because of the cost and since I have small children I can't afford to enroll right now so I don't have a nursing advisor. I need to know if you can take any of the core courses at any time or is there a distinct order that must be followed? I wanted to take microbiology before a&p and before anything else actually. I was wondering if I have to fulfill other courses before I can take micro? Thanks so much!

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You can go in any order you'd like. :) You can definitely do Micro first! The only restrictions on the nursing courses is that you have to register before you can take the third nursing exam, and if you're an LPN, you can skip the second nursing exam (Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Differences). You can take the first nursing exam (Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Safety) before paying your enrollment fee.

Welcome to AllNurses, and welcome back to Excelsior! :D

Trinity, do you still have the courses they wanted you to complete? In other words, do you know what they'll require?

And good going on starting the ball rolling.


I also wanted to say that you can take the courses in any order you wish. This is one of the advantages of Excelsior. LPNs are exempt from NC2. If you CLEP courses then you can take them in any order. If you take the actual classes in a community college, then you might be restricted with prerequisites to the prerequisites. At our local colleges one can't take physiology without anatomy first. And anatomy can't be taken without biology, although biology isn't a nursing prerequisite. You still have to take it in order to get into the anatomy course. I think it is a very good idea to get as many classes out of the way prior to enrolling as you can. You save money this way.

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