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Excelsior College

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I am considering the EC program and would appreciate any input you have to offer. I have been an LVN for 30 years and not much clinical experience, mostly office work. Also, I have about 9 hours of pre-req's I need and am wondering of I should do those through EC or another program. I have been reading as much as I can on this site and have got some valuable information, but I am still undecided as to what to do or what I am capable of doing.

Thanks for your help!


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hello barbara, when i decided to go with EC, i had 13 pre req classes to do, i did them in 2 semesters, while working, at local comm. college, alot cheaper!!! especially if you have any tuition reimbursement for your job. then did EC program, I believe if you study you can pass the nursing concepts tests, clinical experience helpful for that part but not a neccessity. The CPNE at the end, I believe clinical experience is extremly helpful, but you still have time to get some. Highly recommend practice tests, study guides and workshop (for cpne). One of the biggest things that hold people back is the cost. You can get alot of study materials off ebay, good luck in your decision and feel free to come here for any questions, donna

I just posted on another forum, hopefully they'll move my post to here, I too am considering EC. I am taking all my prereqs at community college in NM, but now am wondering how I would support myself and kids if I do get advanced placement in the RN program thru community college. Is Indiana State U legitimate? I am thinking EC might be my best bet, as right now I am taking 2 summer online courses and feel I am disciplined enough to stay on top of studies, etc. Any suggestions or other help will be greatly appreciated. Eileen

ISU is legitimate but expensive, and only does LPN to BSN. EC is a great resource for the adult, on-traditional student, but be really sure that your state BON will accept them before enrolling.

Granna, what pre-reqs do you need? And are you sure you need them? You can test out of some via CLEP.

Sue: I was just going to post about the BON, and you did it for me!!!

To the OP: EC was awesome for me. I graduated in 2005. Some people just rip right on through the nursing concepts exams. (not me)

YOU have to be very motivated and very focused.. But you can do it.

I thought that the CPNE was killer... But if you are prepared it is very doable. I like you, didn't have the clinical piece. If it weren't for the care plan lab @ chancelor's I wouldn't have made it. I know there are others too. I believe they call them boot camps. You can check out the study groups @ yahoo. They have one for Lpn-Rn. I'm sorry I don't have the line though. This will be very helpful to you, trust me. I wish I would have known about it when I was going through it. I also did the lab @ EC... I didn't like it no where near as much as chancelor's. This is all very costly though.. Plane tickets, hotel room, food, transportation etc. I'm sure that most people don't do a lab though and do fine. But it is such an investment, you want to pass. Well good luck to you....... GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!

does anyone here know if colorado accepts Excelsior college or does it require more

does anyone here know if colorado accepts excelsior college or does it require more

Not sure. There IS a thread, or maybe a sticky, here with some state information.


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EC is a great program and I am very grateful. Good luck in your decision, and definitely check to see if you can CLEP your pre-req;s through a community college, it'll save you alot of time and money

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I have only completed one EC exam, but this is the only program that will work for me at this time. I work with a girl that graduated from EC , and passed boards in May. She is great, and can dance circles around some of the traditional students, and is just as good as any new RN should be. I am glad to be with Excelsior. Worried about the CPNE, but I need not be this early in the game. I need to pass my NC's and general. Good Luck on your decision. By all means lurk and post here, and you will feel better. Traci

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