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  1. Okay, hello! I'm new here, obviously. I'm currently working as an LPN in LTC. it seems that in my area. Lpns have to luck into office jobs, and good paying ones at that! My hubby is permanently disabled and does not generate an income. We are currently fighting the state on that one! I also have a child that is just over a year. I'm really interested in doing the program LPN to rn through excelsior. I am not sure if I'm misunderstanding or what, but I do believe that one hospital in my area offers to help shoulder the financial burden for school payment and u take classes through their instructors. Also, somewhere I read about a $100 stipend per day while in school, since the classes are full time. Getting the stipend would definitely be a financial cut, but I could make it work that way. So basically, I want to know if anyone has any advice in that area? Where could I get a stipend to pay my family s bills while I'm in school full time? Thanks for hearing my wants and questions, as I'm sure there are lots more to come. (pA)
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    You might want to post your question elsewhere on the site, such as the distance learning forum (Excelsior), for responses. If that particular hospital has a program, then they should be approached for info about their program. Good luck.
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    Welcome to allnurses! Not sure where you're located, but please be aware that Excelsior grads are not eligible for licensure by exam or endorsement in all states:

    I've not heard of anyone getting a stipend to go through EC's program. Feel free to share anything you find out.
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    welcome aboard! this is a great place to mingle with a bunch of knowledge shared.
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    I am currently enrolled in the ADN program at Excelsior, the hospital that I work in helps pay a certain amt of my fees. They paid the $1000 enrollment fee, and the $80 application fee. And is paying $325 per course . Excelsior does not accept Federal Grants for the ADN program, but may for the BSN, not sure, also there are Scholarship opportunities and School Loans that you may be eligible for. Check with your state and the State Education Board. Excelsior lists possible means of financing your schooling. Good luck.

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