I passed LS 1 yesterday

  1. I passed....Ihave LS 3 and Repro left. Would like to finish both by 10/30 so as to take the FCCA in November. I am signed up with RUE and like the study system they have in place, but would like to finish faster. How does Repro and LS 3 compare with the other exams. I feel like I have more experience with LS 3 issues/experience due to working in long term care. Any thoughts?

    Thanks Paula
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  3. by   ADN2B
    Wow, that was uncalled for.
  4. by   KitkatPRN
    Not sure what the "uncalled for" comment is about ?? Anyways, I did the best on the Repro test, so far. Haven't taken the LS3, yet so I can't help there. I think I could've passed Repro without studying, think I got enough from my LPN schooling, granted I graduated in December, and my school really focused on it, since they scored poorly the year previously (on the NCLEX , with regards to repro). I would have to say that Repro is pretty straight forward, and just know what's on the content outline, nothing tricky. Good luck !! I am hoping to do the FCCA in November, too. I have LS 2 and LS 3 left !
  5. by   monalisa lpn
    Congrats on you ls1 keep up the good work
  6. by   Medic1403
    I am a new Dad but that is about all the repro experience that I have and I got an A on the exam. I read the college network material then brushed up with SG 101. I also have a Rue account but did not use it for this exam. There were questions on TPAL, placenta previa, placent abrupto and stages of labor. Know when to use the medications for HTN. I always answered left lateral recumbent whenever that was an option. :<) Good Luck!

    I am onto the final three exams, LS 1-3! I hope to knock one out per month.
  7. by   BrillyD
    Working on LS 1 now, doesn't seem too bad, but then I like cardio & resp - just got an update from studygroup101 - taking the exam on the 18th.