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Hi guys, I've always read people's post, but never commented or posted. I'm just starting out with this nursing community resource. I just faxed my confirmation to take CPNE on 2/24/12. I'm reading... Read More

  1. by   Raggedy Ann
    last month i ordered tina logans online workshop, and she told me that all of the info. that i see is exactly what she teaches to the onsite workshop. she has amazing videos that you can save to your computer to utilize later, and everything else you can print. i am going to have someone else act as the teacher and act as if i am in that workshop for 3 days. i am also planning on using sheri taylors online workshop for a month or two before my date. i am hoping this will be enough. a lady in my hometown tracked me down, and we will start meeting to study soon. i don't have a date yet, but she tests mid feb. i was told that if you can find a study buddy that is the best thing that can happen for you. i hope that rings true. best of luck in your endeavors~ traci
  2. by   nursetaminator
    Quote from KELLYSLPN
    I am taking my CPNE 3/9/12, I had them push it back a few weeks to give me more time. I am trying to decide if I can pass without a workshop or not due to cost. I purchased Robscpne and have been reading all the posts on Sheri's online workshop. Any advice at this point would be great! I have all my materials for my lab skills but having a hard time getting organized and which direction to go with careplans etc... thanks y'll for any advice
    You can pass without attending a workshop. I did order Rob's videos and really liked them. Also did Sheri Taylor's on-line workshop for 2 months but should have just done 1. Main thing was seeing how others did the assessments then making sure they matched with the edition I tested under.

    Start submitting careplans as soon as possible to EC. The more you can get to them and graded the better. The study group on EC's website is the best by far. It's very active and you get input from staff. Just remember your study guide is your bible. At the test site that's what your CA and CE will grade you against.

    It will all come together. I didn't feel completely prepared until about 2 weeks out. Just felt there was always more I could study.

    Good luck!! You can do this!!
  3. by   happydrunkcat
    Utica is a very beautiful city. Great CPNE site. Passed there in Jan 2010.
  4. by   BostonNurse2876
    When you apply for the exam can you put first choice, second choice for testing sites? Or do you just submit and they chose the site for you (I will be in NY since it's the closest to me)
  5. by   BeachieRN84
    Boston nurse, you pick a region (in your case you are going to the NPAC) and you can select one, some or all of the sites in the area. The NY sites are now two in Albany, and then Syracuse, Utica, Queens, and two in Pennsylvania, York and Chambersburg. The more flexible you are the quicker you will get your date, and you can always sign up to be called with a cancellation.
  6. by   emijen2girls
    Passed in Utica 11/20/11 (18th edition) you can contact me for any questions. I also posted my CPNE experience here somewhere.

  7. by   JDougRN
    I took and passed my CPNE in Utica several yrs ago, and I have worked there as a nurse since 1998. I would be happy to act as an emergency "HELP" person, and I'd be happy to help anybody who is testing there. I think just knowing where to park, ect takes a huge degree of worry out of the process. I'm also happy to talk in RT to anybody about the test. Let me know, got my fingers crossed for you all- Jen
  8. by   snoopyloveswoodstock
    Testing in Nov. in Utica. So much going through my head can't even think straight. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

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