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Has anyone taken the CLEP test for Human growth and Development for Excelsior College

  1. I sit for this test on Jan 31. If anyone has advice on how or what to study I greatly need it. I'm working full-time which leaves me not much time to study. Say a prayer for me and THANKS!!!!!
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  3. by   sunnyjohn
    *Raise hand*..

    I used The REA Human G&D book, read 3 chapters in a HG&D psychology text and one development chapter in a regular pysch text. I got the books free at the library.

    That was all I needed.

    Many folks also use instacert. (Google it)
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  4. by   kenzy
    What is REA and I'm really computer illeterate waht do you mean instracert google it? Hey thanks so much!!
  5. by   sunnyjohn
  6. by   LucasRN
    Hi, the only thing I used was the college clep study guide with cdrom 35$ at Barnes and Nobles and I got a B! Good Luck!
  7. by   kenzy
    Thanks To All!!!!!
  8. by   mfd7374
    Can anyone help? Will the study guides for CLEP tests as listed above be all that is needed to pass the gen eds for EC? I am not sure if I should take EC exams or try to CLEP.
  9. by   princessnurse_2be
    did u pass the test im taking the test on may 1 and was wondering did any of the advice given too u was successful
  10. by   ParrotheadRN2B
    I just took this exam on April 1, 2009-it was pretty easy. I had no familiarity with this subject and only used the REA guide to study. I got a 75 out of a possible 80. Hope this helps!

    Finz Up
  11. by   tracymgordon
    Hello all! I am taking my exam on May 20th and am extremeley nervous. I need it to get into graduate school. I have the CLEP exam study guide and several psychology books. My future in the next year rides on this test. Many say it is fairly easy. Can anyone give me a good rundown on how it was for them?
  12. by   RNandRRT
    I will on May 16th. I am taking this CLEP on the 15th. I'll let you know.

    I'm really kinda nervous. LOL
  13. by   Pixie.RN
    I thought it was fairly easy -- pretty low-level stuff, nothing too deep. I got a 71 out of 80 on it without too much stress.
  14. by   tracymgordon
    I would really really really appreciate it! I too am reallynervous. Everyone says its fairly easy and I really hope it is! Thanks so much! Good luck!

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