Getting ready for excelsior CPNE

  1. I am in process for getting ready for CPNE. Although I have been LPN for almost 20 years I have never been so scared about anything in my life. Any advise would be greatly appreciated from anyone who has taken it previously.
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  3. by   dianah
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    You might find helpful information by browsing through the threads in this forum.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    Do you have a date already, or are you just in the process of applying?
  5. by   Leader25
    You need to read and do exactly like they tell you.Announce when you are doing something such as leaving the room and re entering state I will wash my hands or I do not need to wash , be specific.Hope this helps .
  6. by   RNBearColumbus
    I was a LPN with 12+ years of experience when I took the CPNE in 2016.

    The biggest hurdle you will face as an experienced LPN is doing things the "Excelsior Way".

    Forget EVERYTHING you think you know about how to do things, and learn to do things the way that Excelsior expects you to do them during the CPNE. These message boards are filled with posts from LPNs that failed the CPNE the first time because they thought that they could do things they way they have always done them. You can't.

    Use the CPNE Study Guide and "relearn" the things that you need to do to pass.
  7. by   Kristy_p
    I went through it and passed but it was tough! I did a 5 day prep course through Chancellors and it was awesome!! It is what made it possible. I would definitely recommend doing one to see how your expected to care for the patients.
  8. by   Eltk1219
    Kristy_p Is the prep course on location or something you can do at home? I'll be testing in the next 6-8 months (estimate) and definitely feel like I need something like this. Also, did you do the 1 day skills class through Excelsior? Was it helpful?