Any Excelsior grads have a hard time finding employment?

  1. I'm just wondering if anyone has run into a problem of employers being concerned about the RN program being totally online with not much clinical hands on teaching.

    My situation is a bit unique. I'm a Registered Respiratory Therapist with 1 year experience in a hospital setting (ICU, ER, peds, CVICU, floor care). However, I just got laid off due to the Respiratory dept downsizing. I'm having a terrible time finding another job.

    My fiance wants me to just chill. He thinks I should just focus on passing my classes as fast as possible and not stress so much over looking for work. (Lucky me, I know.) Anyway, my concern is that after having gone to an online school AND being unemployed for months and months that I will have a hard time finding a hospital to take a chance on me.

    Any thoughts or experiences similar to mine?
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    If a state accepts Excelsior College, then your main issue will be as a new grad if you're going to have issues. Contrarily, your experience as an RRT, will probably give you a leg up on e new grads, who have no PAID experience in a hospital setting at all. Then again, a LOT of facilities want at least a year's experience in the field to which you are applying. You are right in that your situations kinda unique. I say continue seeking employment but listen to your boyfriend. If a job comes along, take it and STILL focus on completing these exams. If a job does not come along, you have nothing to lose by continuing with the exams, right? See, you really just answered your own question. LOL!.

    I just thought I would give my two cents while you wait for a Respiratory Therapist to share his/her experience. As far as your current job situation goes, in your line of work, you know the dangers of holding your breath. Might I suggest you keep it moving....good luck in your decision!!!
  4. by   ToothFairy(5)
    No issues with attending EC but had one heck of a fight with GBON to get my license. I did after a while get an apology from them and my license only to find out we are not moving there after all. Point is, you can fight those states that say they do not endorse EC grads and you can win. But is was a royal pain in the backside.
  5. by   nursenora1
    No issues finding a job. Got 3 job offers at hospitals once I passed my NCLEX. these hospitals do not know that excelsior is fully online when you apply. They just care that it is a fully accredited institution. And you have your degree. It's all about WHO you know and WHO can get you in.
  6. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    I was an LPN for 5 yrs prior to obtaining my degree from Excelsior...I was offered three jobs as well after at a huge teaching hospital (one of the staff members interviewing me knew about EC and loved their grads), one at a small community hospital and one doing Case Management- which I took- no problems at all finding a job as a brand new RN nor as an EC grad! - I live in FL
  7. by   Kdids520
    I've been at my hospital for 6 years and asked from feedback from HR before starting Excelsior. I was told by two HR recruiters that the state board exam is the equalizer in their eyes---as long as I had RN after my name, they didn't care about school.

    Also, was hired as an LPN in a huge local teaching hospital---did my orientation with 3 excelsior grads.
  8. by   Nalon1 RN/EMT-P
    You will have more issues as an ASN/ADN than as an Excelsior grad.
    For most employers, RN is RN no matter what school. The problem starting to happen is they want BSN's or ASN's with experience.
    My employer has no issues with me being an Excelsior grad, and once my license is posted, I will move from a tech position to an RN position (got lucky in that aspect).