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Excelsior Advice needed

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I am in need of some good advice and information. I am currently an LVN in CA but am moving to NY during the coming summer. I have tried numerous times to attend a Lvn-Rn bridge program here but have had no luck getting in as wait lists are long. I have looked into many different schools traditional and distance learning and have found that maybe Excelsior would be a good choice. Okay so here come the questions. One approx how long does it take to finish? How are clinicals performed? What does the CPNE entail? Does it cost an enormous amount? I went on to their website but found it hard to follow at times. All information would be greatly appreciated.

You need to go on the website, the information is there although hard to find. The fees change yearly, increasing. You can finish the program as fast as you care to. The only holdup is getting a date for the CPNE at the end. You can make that process faster by accepting a cancellation date. Many people finish in less than a year. It can be done. You need to factor in hotel costs and travel costs for the CPNE. Currently the fee for the test is just over $2000, I remember when it was $900. There are no clinicals. The clinical examination is the CPNE. It is an intensive weekend venture that you can read about here, on the EC yahoo group sites, and on the EPN on the EC website. Three tries at the CPNE before you are dismissed from the program, then you can reenter after five years if you want to wait that long for another try at it.

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There are no clinicals, just the CPNE -- the whole idea of the program is that you're already an experience healthcare provider. The search feature on this forum will also yield a lot of CPNE information. Good luck, whatever you decide to do. :)

Do you think that you will have the same experience after graduating from Excelsior as you would from traditional or do you think not going to traditional school hinders clinical abilities when first starting to work?

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Again, the whole point of EC is that the students already have clinical abilities. Are you working as an LVN?

Most people get their clinical practice legs on their first job out of school whether it be from EC or a traditional school. Some traditional programs are very lacking in the clinical component. The important thing you get from nursing school is getting your paperwork signed so that you can take the NCLEX. That is the same for EC and all traditional schools.


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Honetly I :heartbeat EC!! I get "clinical" experience everyday I work. Seems pointless to do for free what I get paid to do already!

I really appreciate all your input. Currently I am not working. After working 2 years with Alzheimers I was laid off due to cut backs. Now looking for a job is tougher than when I had just graduated. Everyone wants RN's and the few LVN positions available are in deep competition with all the others that have been laid off. I am moving to NY next July and would love to have come close to getting my RN by then.