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20 Examples of Cardiac and Pulmonary Auscultation


Auscultation is the action of listening to sounds from the heart and lungs with a stethoscope. As a student you will need to understand the sounds for your assessment and clinicals. I hope this helps.

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Once again Yummy C, you came through!


Thank you YC for sharing a lot of valuable resources on this site. :heartbeat

Yummy Chocolate said:
I found 20 Examples of Cardiac and Pulmonary Auscultation-Littman . This should help with assessment and clinical. 🙂

Thanks for this!!!

Thank you! My nursing skills instructor had told me I can find respiratory auscultation samples online and I searched and searched and could not find any from a reputable source. I had a question though. I am only 3 weeks into my program so we have only gone over the basics of vital signs. For our sim lab test we have to auscultate the 6 anterior locations and the 6 posterior locations. I am okay with the locations, but I am just not sure that congested sounds like as well as what labored sounds like. Which of these sounds would best describe those two auscultations if any?

Sorry if my medical terminology isnt up to par, like I said only 3 weeks in!!


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This was really helpful but the first three I could not hear on my computer. What website did you get this from? Maybe I can access those better through that?

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UPDATED: All example files of Cardiac and Pulmonary Auscultation uploaded

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