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Exam Cram vs. NCLEX 4000 vs. Saunders vs. Lipincott SATA

Can someone tell me the difference between all of these? Im pretty sure that I am planning to purchase all of them......This is what I heard and hopefully this is correct?...

-Hurst book- is outdated but has A LOT of content-but I am not buying this because it seems like all my Med Surg books would be comprable....

-Exam Cram-to the point content and questions most like NCLEX

-NCLEX 4000-lots of questions that are hard but not necessarily NCLEX style questions, they are more comprehension vs. NCLEX style

-Saunders is the best in terms of NCLEX style/HIGH level questions (I have the last book but not the most recent...I dont think I want to purchase the most recent....); I am also planning to purchase the Saunders cards

-Lipincott SATA is good for current NCLEX studying because it has a lot of the alternative questions.

1. Also can anyone suggest which or if theres another study book for alternative questions that is good...because Ive heard that NCLEX has a lot of SATA questions??

2. Thoughts on me not purchasing the NEWER Saunders version. The new version JUST came out....and I have the one before, yellow book......I would imagine not much has changed and since I am getting all of the above minus Hurst ^^^ do you all think its neccessary? What about those people who had the last version and just purchased the new---do you see any MAJOR differences??

Silverdragon102, BSN

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I used Kaplan, the New Saunders( purple) and passed my NCLEX Exam in March, 2015 with 75 questions... I also used PDA for prioritization.....


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