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Just got a quick question. Do you prefer exam cram or Saunder's 4th edition questions. I read Saunder and I know some say they did exam cram. I'm purchasing Linda La charity and Exam Cram. Should I just continue with Saunder cd or exam Cram. I know for sure that i'm gonna read Linda la Charity book. Does that book have practice qusetions. Helpprogress.gif


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The person who has to pick out the best study material for you is you. Take a good luck at what you are considering, make your choices, and begin to study. Most people on this forum say that they use Saunders Comprehensive Review. To that they add the LaCharity book. If one can afford it, the Kaplan review. Or, other resources if you look at them and decide they will work for you. Just get started and be consistent. Good luck.


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I personally like Saunders better bc they break down not only the rationale but the test takng strategy and alot of ppl have been successful on Saudners. If you want, you should look up reviews on what other ppl have said after taking the NCLEX on Amazon.com.



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Exam Cram questions were just like the NCLEX!!!!


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Thank u all, I as needing questions that were a little challenging so that's why i was gonna get examcram.


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What is the LaCharity book, never heard of that one?


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I have used both..I like Exam Cram the most. Simple and can cover more material in shorter amt of time. I read for days when I study in Saunders and sort of get lost. Too much info sometimes when all I want is to review.


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The author is Linda la Charity, and the book is Prioritzation and Delegation.

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