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Was turned in to tpapn for drug use. Smoked marijuana while not employed. Went thru evaluation and lied saying I never smoked. Had quit 60 days earlier. Now they want a hair test. That goes back 90 days. It will test positive. I'm not an addict. Already quit nor do I have any money after paying $500 for evaluation. Do I let them send it to the bon? By the time they get to it I will be clean over 90 days...or do I try and go to the eep track? Don't know what to do...cant afford a lawyer

I'm sorry for your troubles. I was in group for almost a year with a lady turned by her ex. That's a nasty situation and it stinks. I'm not from Texas so I don't know what EEP is. Can you tell me?


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How often did you use for the 30 days before you quit?

Find out if your state has an alternative to discipline monitoring program. If so,

your choices are either to chance it and if positive, end up with a permanent mark on your license that makes employment difficult or self report and end up in a monitoring program.

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Do you live in a state where it is legal? Though your place of employment and the BON may not allow the substance, a civil liberties lawyer might take up the case pro-bona IF you live in a state where it is legal.


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I looked into it and I'm pretty sure that even if you live in a state where it's legal in that state, it is still illegal federally and anywhere that receives Medicare or Medicaid has to consider it illegal. I'm not a lawyer but this is my understanding.

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TPAPN decides EEP or not. Lying may have cost you that option. I would still ask about it. If you are sure your test will be positive. Being honest may save you. But if it's negative you will have cost yourself a lot of hassle for no reason. Hate that you are in this pickle

They have given me 2 weeks to decide if I can take the test before closing the case and sending it to the board. From there the board has to decide if they want to pursue and start their own investigation. I figure that will buy me enough time. I know I don't have a problem. I would never smoke while employed. I quit two months before getting a new job. My ex is just trying to attack me. Does anyone have any experience w a situation similar to this?

It's an extend evaluation program. U get tested 18 times in 12 mos and have to abstain from every substance..alcohol..rx drugs...everything...but it's only if u test positive and the evaluator thinks yr not an addict. At this point bc i fibbed she would probably think i was an addict. Even if ive been clean over 2 mos.


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I would go get your own hair test and see if it's positive. They legally can't disclose that information to anyone unless you sign a waiver (I think). If it's negative then tell them to kiss your ass. I'd also go get a haircut beforehand

Being a female a short 1.5 in or shorter haircut is not an option. I also don't have the money for that. I've only been working again 2 weeks and haven't got a paycheck yet and I still have bills to pay and I'm A single mom. Went thru savings while i took time off to help my family recover at the end of that abusive relationship.

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I am not sure of the rules either, but, I would at least consult an attorney. Many will do an initial consult for free. I am sure that one may be able to work out a payment plan. I am sorry that your vindictive (I am assuming here) did this to you. It is not fair that people have the ability to ruin careers this way. I have heard of this before. But, a lawyer may be able to tell you the best option to take. If the one is only 18 UDS in 12 months and no permanent mark, it may be the way to go, in order to save your license. I would try talking to them and see where it goes. Good luck and let us know how it works out for you!

I am anxiously awaiting notice if my license will be re-issued and what steps I will need to take. I am preparing myself for a very long haul. However, I am a recovering alcoholic, so I fully expect to pay a ton of money and spend a great deal of time under the microscope of the state board of nursing.

My fingers are crossed for you and I hope karma bites your ex in the behind!

18 UDS in 12 months actually sounds like a reasonable plan. You needed a lawyer to get this deal? Honestly that is the first time I've heard of one helping. Good luck!!!