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Ex Med/Surg nurses what unit did you transfer to


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Hello, to all you nurses who used to work medsurg what unit did you transfer to and do you like it better? Im asking because I am a new nurse on a medsurg tele floor, have been on my own for about 6 months. Dont particularly like some parts of it. I dont like the fact that I have 8 patients, very rarely but some nights I am even charge nurse, we can go up to 25 patients on the floor with only 1 aide, it can just be very hectic and I would say 90% of the time I dont leave on time. Basically Im sooo stressed out. I really want to transfer to another unit or another area of nursing that is not so hectic, I am looking for slower paced, more of the same thing everyday type position. I know there will always be suprises but want something that wont bring soo much stress. Any nurses out there that were in medsurg hated it and went to another unit or area and loved it or at least liked it a whole lot more???

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i ran to the er! i hated med surg for all of the reasons you listed but one... i happen to love a fast paced floor. i personally exist off of my own adrenaline (i am one of those people who does not function well in a low stress environment)!!! on the other hand, i know of former med surg nurses who are just like you and either left med surg or started working pt in other environments. the other environments are school nursing, psych, home health, hospice and wound care (ltc and rehab). the nurses i know who do this love it!!!! in fact, they were able to take their medical surgical skills into those environments and actually apply nursing the way we were taught to do in school because of the slower pace and lower stress levels. i hope this helps.

I went to the ED as well. I like the busy atmosphere! But I liked med/surg, too. I actually still work in med/surg at my per diem job :)


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Sounds like LTC seems to be slower paced than the hospital?

L&D.. I spent a year on med/surg after graduation and I didn't realize how much I was meant for it until I moved to L&D...


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I went to ICU and later nursing supervisor. I went to ICU for the higher acuity and smaller patient load that allowed me more time to give good care. I got tired of med-surg when I started getting 7 patients on day shift with an average turnover of 3-4 discharges and admissions during my 8 hour shift. I have such respect and admiration for those nurses who work and love med-surg nursing.


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Psych! What an upgrade...I felt like med/surg was so task oriented, the goal for the day was always time management time management...now my job is more process oriented, what approach can you take with this patient to de-escalate him/her, promote positive coping skills, encourage information, etc.

Sounds like LTC seems to be slower paced than the hospital?

I wouldn't say that! I work in LTC and 28 or more patients on a bunch of meds plus medicare charting plus treatments. Your patients are more stable but there is a lot more of them. I also work in Med surg, but like it. On our floor tho we max out at 6, typically have 5 patients on nights and 4 on days and 1 cna maxes out at 14. Maybe it's not med surg but the hospital you work for. Anyway, I hope you find something you love! :)