Ever wear ear plugs to deal with the never ending loud noise?

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I work in ltc . My unit has become a psych unit mostly dementia related. I have 3 residents that yells intermittently ; they feed off each other. One in particular is inconsolable and prn meds .. psych consults..hospital stay..hasn't help at all. She is afraid to be left alone and cries/yells to get anyone's attention. I'm at my wits end and thinking of getting ear plugs !

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Good luck lol, that might be considered to interfere with your ability to respond as a nurse.

I have to use ear plugs in order to have some kind of quiet in my home due to the never ending noise making of my neighbor. The apartment complex managers refuse to make him tone it down. Unfortunately I have found out that the ear plugs fall out during my sleep and don't work anyway. He stomps on my ceiling quite effectively. Also the ear plugs hurt my ears. When I can, I will move. I feel sorry for you. Moving from a job is not very easy.

I wish! We have a policy that we can't.

I know how incredibly frustrating it can be with the constant noise. (Not to mention how much it can wear on your nerves). Good luck to you.

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I've learned how to tune it out after a while (having a hyperactive child at home has given me a lot of practice). However, I'm also not on a dementia unit so I can't even imagine how hard that must be.

I thought about this thread last night while I was at work. Had a patient scream/cry for three hours. She had her prns, we tried to talk to her, she called her son - everything was done to calm her down and she just wouldn't settle. She stood at the report room door and screamed at us while we were doing report. Can't wait to review my charting today - I'm SURE I made some mistakes. What I wouldn't have given to be able to completely tune her out for a few!

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Growing up with an Italian mother has helped me work in a psych facility....LOL Seriously, it is loud at my psych facility but I am loud too so we go togther nicely most of the time. Sometimes it does get on my nerves but then I remind myself that I work in a psych facility. I don't know a psych facility that isn't loud. The patients are hearing voices, may be seeing things so I have to be empathetic towards them. I wouldn't dare turn down the noise, as I need the noise to tell me what is going on with them. If it's quiet, I am wondering why.

Any success stories with dementia patient who is very anxious with repeatitive verbalizations? Her trigger is she's afraid to be left alone and needs constant 1:1. As soon as you leave that is when her behavior starts, voicing " Help!... I'm afraid!......" " I'm gonna die!." I hear this for 7 out of the 8 hrs I'm at work. I tried ipod with her favorite music..and sorts of distractions. Blech, no luck. On Zyprexa and trazodone. PRN Ativan .5 works only for 2 hrs; the 1 mg made her too drowsy. Haldol did not work. Lexapro did not work.

Help! lol

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I would talk to the Dr & request a psych eval. Sounds like her meds need to be changed. I don't have much experience with dementia patients. My patients are mostly dual dx & are either schizo or bipolar or depressed. This is either drug induced or organic in nature.

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