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What kind of ethics is it when the head of nursing at a facility passes her phone number to a CNA to give to a man who has come in from out of state to visit his grandparents? (Then sleeps with him?)

When this activity gets discussed between the CNA's, one of them gets singled out to be screamed at about, "Yea. I did **** him, so what's it to ya?" and more so after that...

Just doesn't seem very professional to me.

I used to have alot of respect for this person. Then, after some issues at work, I still had respect for her as a nurse, but not as a boss....after this episode, any shred of respect I had left was demolished and gone forever.

It's sad...

There's more to this story, but I just don't have time or patience to write it all down. But believe me...this will be in my head forever.

I just find it terribly disheartening for someone I respected and liked so very much has destroyed my entire concept of what a DON should be.


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you answered your own question here. I am not gonna argue your viewpoint.

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Very sad. She must have something she's not dealing with. And if she doesn't, I'm afraid she lose the respect of more people.


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Hi Julie,

I just wanted to say that I feel for you.

I work in a very small office, there are a total of 5 of us. The manager in charge and one of the sales people took out some clients one evening after work to a nice restaurant down town. Afterwards they took them to a strip club where they all proceeded to drink way to much. The sales person got in his car and attempted to drive home (an hour long drive) at 2:00AM on a particularly rainy day. He lost control of the car and crashed it luckily not hiting anyone else. He was thrown in jail for DUI and taken to court, etc. Of course, right after this happened the manager and sales person really tried to cover it up.

I really didn't have much respect for them before the incident because I hadn't been working here long but I can certainly tell you that they will never have my respect, either professionally or personally, now. It has greatly affected how I feel about where I work and what I do.

Some may say that you should see a person as two seperate entities, one professional the other personal and what the person does in their personal life is none of your business. But, as you saw first hand, who the person is in their personal life directly affects how they are professionally and it is very difficult to work with/for people who you think less of and have no respect for.

I remember I once worked with a woman whose husband was a police officer. They were married for a number of years when the woman discovered that her husband had been having a hidden affair for close to a year. Now, I know that things that go on between a married couple should stay between a married couple and there are two sides to every story but really, a man who cheats on his wife and tries his best to keep it a secret for a year is going to make a trust worthy police officer? If he is so willing to sneak around and lie to his wife what on earth would make me think that he wouldn't lie on the job?

As much as you try to seperate who the person is on a private and personal basis does affect who they are professionally. I really hope this doesn't affect your work ethic or attitude at the facility you are working at now, but I know that is has affected mine where I work. Just try to keep in mind that this person does not represent every DON out there. There are lots more DON's who are ethical and good people just as there are some who are probably a whole lot worse than this one. Try to concentrate on the positive aspects, people and patients where you work.

I know it is disheartening to loose respect for someone that you once looked up to. Good Luck,


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No, I haven't lost respect for all DON's, but I just really thought this one honestly cared for the patients and herself, and I guess it just really saddens me to discover she doesn't care for either one.

Just something I had to get off my chest.....

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