ESI Resource Classification


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Hello All,

I am trying to find a list of how ESI resources are grouped/classified. For instance CT and X-ray are 2 different resources, all labs are 1 resource and CT and MRI are 2 different resources, is an EKG considered its own resource or is it included with say radiology (an x-ray and ekg = 1 resource or 2 resources? Is an US its own resource or included with radiology, etc.?

I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find a list showing how resources are grouped.



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What are you using for a reference? The most recent ESI Handbook has the ESI Triage Algorithm showing a list of resources. There is an explanation of how resources should be counted, e.g. as different types. An x ray and an EKG are two different types of procedures, so, as I read the algorithm, they would count as two separate resources.

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I would consider ultrasound and a CT two different resources for triaging purposes.