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ER and schedule VS hospice and schedule?

by justanurse19 justanurse19 (New) New Nurse

Hi, everyone. I’m struggling on a career change decision. Right now I’m working at a small ER where there’s 1 nurse and 1 doctor. Sometimes we have a LPN, but rarely. It gets pretty stressful at times, but the work schedule is pretty great. It’s sort of like 3/2 split. Most I work in a row without picking up extra is 4, and every 4th week I get 7 days off. 

I was offered a hospice position that’s M-F 8ish-5ish, one call night a week and one call weekend a month with holidays off.  I’m a divorced parent but remarried and his schedule is 24-48 on and 48 off. I have two kids from a previous marriage and right now, I get them when I’m off work, and it’s a GREAT schedule when they’re out of school because I get 3-7 days in a row off with them when I get them. I’m also pregnant and worried about who’s keeping this baby once I go back to work. At first I thought the M-F would be best, and the ER is killing my spirit. Most days I handle it well, other days (most days) I wish I was doing anything else. Especially the days we are swamped and it’s just me and doc trying to handle everything. With hospice, my schedule will be more flexible in terms of being able to drop my kids off at school, take off if I need to, push my day in/out, make practices and games, etc according to the hiring manager, but it’s more days at work. And most people I’ve talked to said their stress levels went down after leaving the ER, and I’ve always wanted to do hospice after both of my parents were on hospice before their passing. I’m just worried about the M-F with call and throwing away the few days in a row off that I have with my kids especially when they’re out of school. I thought about going PRN at hospice first just to see, but I don’t want to add anymore on my plate being pregnant (it’s been a rough one)  and adding more days without my kiddos while I get used to it. 

just looking for advice from other mom nurses. Thanks for reading.