ER nurses having fun onver here



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I want to work there


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LOL, I'm sure there must be tight competition for ER nursing jobs there!

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Too cute ...!!

Thanks for posting the link. :rotfl: :chuckle

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OMG!!! That is totally the bomb!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Believe it or not, i was just online researching stuff for a presentation i have to give in professionalism class for ER nursing!!! I found my clip!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!:flowersfo


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That's waaay cool. Gotta forward it to my email at work so I can show the ER nurses. Don't know HOW yet since I work in ICU but I'll find a way. :)


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I wish I knew what hospital that was, I would love to work there.


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I can see it now, it's 2 am, nothing going on, and everyone is high on coffee and punchy like no tomorrow! I made up a song about Levophed (to the tune of "99 Bottles of Beer") one night working in the ICU. Great Video!


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The hospital is UAB -UNiversity of Alabama I guess. Are we all moving there and applying for ER?

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they showed me this video in my nursing orientation and they said it was made at the hospital where I work, but maybe not the hospital is Loyola University Medical Center. It is a nice place to work if your'e on the right unit.


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That is great! Makes me want to buy a microphone and apply for a job there!

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