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Yep, we as medical personnel have encountereds them. That's what I'm looking for those events you've experienced in ER that were related to cooking:


The burn victim I had transported into our ER one afternoon when he pulled the "Start the BBQ using regular gasoline trick"

Initially, while in his backyard getting ready for company to arrive and after having ingested a few bbers to prime himself he attempted to prime the briquets in his BBQ kettle. He only had a small amount of old lighter fluid & the briquets did not light. Anxious that the BBQ would not be ready when his friends arrived he went to the garage & retrieved the spouted gas can for fueling the lawn mower. He sets about pouring the petrol onto the briquets not noticing that some of the charcoals had minimally ignited which did the same to the gas streaming from the can. The flame travelled back up to the can and it exploded. Now, in that instant he is covered in flame and tosses what's left of the fuel can back over his shoulder which lands on the roof of his house setting his home aflame.

The quick response of his wife covering the guy in a blanket, the fire department & the ambulance not only saved the guys life but most of his home.

We were told by the parameds the guy's friends stuck around and BBQ'd thier brat's and drank beer since the coals were going anyway & they had live entertainment watching the fire department & ambulance crew doing thier jobs.

Share your cooking related emergency experiences with us.


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Had an alcoholic pt that burned himself when he was drunk and spilled hot mac and cheese on his chest. :uhoh21: It hurt to take a deep breath. 2nd day in ICU he went into DT's, would not keep his o2 on. Eventualy he was put on the vent, went into ARDS and died! He was only 50. :o


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Darn that mac and cheese, I knew there was a reason I didn't eat it


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:rolleyes: My regular, local psych case called the ambulance once screaming hysterically that she was choking to death (?) When we arrived, she was crying about eating some "white mold" that growing on a block of cheese, and now her "airway was closing". Needless to say, she survived.:chuckle

The odd thing was that it was monterey jack, and we never noticed any WHITE mold on it!


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I worked this last fourth of july and helped the PA suture 16 people's lacerations and I was only there for 8 hours!

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Hospital is near a culinary school. Need I say more?

Had a woman come in with second degree burns on her arms and breasts when a jar fell into a pot of water in front of her. That was nasty.


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The ER nurses where I work say they see a lot of turkey related injuries on Thanksgiving. Burns, dropped turkey on feet(broken foot), GI upset.


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This story cracks me up every time I tell it.....

I have a good friend who is very book smart, but when it comes to common sense, well.....let's just say it isn't her strong point.....

One day, my friend was attempting to make chocolate chip cookies. While mixing the batter, rather than using a spatula to get the batter off the sides of the bowl, she used her finger instead. Yup, she got her index finger stuck in the beaters and had to go to the emergency room! :rotfl: No one could get it off and finally the janitor ended up using some tool to cut it off! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Just so you know, it took six months of physical therapy before she could bend and straighten her finger! Ugh....that girl! :uhoh3: LOL

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:rotfl: The 'finger' story reminds me of the TV commercial where the guy gets his tongue stuck in the beaters!!

I've seen numerous rocket-scientists that were burned because of "kerosene/gasoline + campfire" experiments. :rolleyes:

Another guy came home one morning while his wife was cooking breakfast. Evidently he wasn't supposed to have been out all night...the bacon grease burns were terrible! :uhoh21:


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couple of days ago...(Not cooking, Feeding) a guy at 2am who had been drinking, went to feed his pet Snake...RattleSnake! As you can imagine..his judgement was impaired. Think he still in the ICU


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Had a gal who was burned when the "gel" from her "toy" exploded after she had heated it up in the microwave -:imbar - why heat it? It made it "feel more realistic" -- The gyn on duty was totally blown away! The same night we had another gal come in with a sausage stuck in an "intimate spot" and she was afraid that she might have "burned her cervix" because it was a spicy sausage -- whe was concerned that the hot peppers might cause a problem -- and the sausage wouldn't?!:imbar . Poor doc!! -- rough night:uhoh3:


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You know you're an ER nurse if you believe "Too stupid to live" should be a diagnosis. I had the guy with a lac to his foot because he was cutting carpet against the leather strap on his Birkenstocks. Worked great until the knife slipped. I told him we had to do a head CT to see if he had a brain.

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