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My current place of employment is implementing to a new charting system--Epic.

Much more commonly used nationwide! So I'm excited ? But I am nervous about the transition period from our current prehistoric charting methods. Looking to your expertise:

1) Does anyone have a brainsheet they have made specific to Epic? Or aspects of their brainsheet that have to do with Epic? I work on a CV/Transplant PCU but I'd take anything!

2) Any tips/tricks?

3) Any advice?

I've heard it's tons better and user friendly but I am nervous about learning a new charting system so I'm turning to my fellow nurses!

Epic IS a brain-sheet, of sorts. And your Epic will be tailored to your facility, so tips and advice from one place may be useless at another. Even settings from user to user at the same facility can be very different. Most people don't understand my MAR and say it's "weird". I'm not sure why mine is different from everyone else's. It's just always been that way.

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Yep, like Sour Lemon said, the version of EPIC at my employer may very well be different from yours. The version at my employer has a "create worksheet" and "print worksheet" option. This is my brain, and I never want to go back to paper. About 50% of the nurses on my current unit use it, and the remainder still use paper.

EPIC itself is very customizable. Hopefully you'll have a play environment option available before Go live, and for a period afterwards. Use that to play around with your options. I'd get more detailed, but if you are anything like me, none of it will make sense until you have the screen in front of you :)

Anyway, best of luck with the transition. It's a great system!

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Epic varies between hospitals depending on which parts your hospital purchases. Yes it is very user friendly. Most of the nurse said at my hospital use the same brainsheet that the hospital developed. It is 4 patient per page and just has general info (name, admitting dx, med times, allergies, DNR, and a notes section for extra stuff from report). It is very basic because Epic has all the info that you need right at your fingertips.

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I am an EPIC super-user. I love EPIC!!!!! We have had it for a little more than 4 years. Each hospital chooses what it wants, kinda a la carte. We are optimizing all the time. It is very fluid. Once you get your flowsheets set up the way you like them, you'll wonder how you survived without it!

I am an EPIC SU, it is by far the best charting system out there.

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